Saturday, December 20, 2008

I Am ...I Said ... A Fan

of Neil Diamond! Lesa celebrated her birthday in a big way with a girl's night out trip to the Neil Diamond concert. It was way better than a trip to Chuck E. Cheese and a goodie bag! Our seats were awesome and who doesn't love to get all sequined out and go scream at a 67 year old man?
For a 67 year old man, Neil's still got the moves. The moves haven't changed a bit either! Also of interest ...we were just about the youngest people in attendance! Thanks to these great ladies - I love them all!!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Election Perspective

It has been a while since the big day, but I had a post election moment too profound to skip over.
The day after the election we had some snow. I was rushing to get the boys to school, backing slowly out of my driveway when I felt the van bump against something. The bump didn't alarm me as much as the shattering glass noise that came with it. I whipped my head around faster than a group of 13 year olds who just saw Zac Efron.

The bump? Our empty trashcan that had been neglected the night of trash day. The shattering sound? My rear window. So here I am - in my gym clothes - kids to get to school, snow falling and getting heavier. What's a girl to do? Drive her kids to school of course. As I'm driving more and more of the window is falling down into the back of the van, each bump in the road followed by the pleasant tinkling sound of cascading glass. It entertained those boys all the way to school! I didn't even go home - just kept driving to Salt Lake to an auto glass shop that Geoffrey had visited for work the previous month.

The shop is next to a salvage yard. I'm in this one room office/waiting area in a hard plastic chair feeling the winter air every time the door is opened, listening to the phone ringing off the hook and the price quote given to all these callers, the workers coming in and out with questions, and the pleasant sound of power tools. As I'm sitting (in my gym clothes!) waiting for our window to be replaced, the owner and his workers are discussing the previous day's events. One worker turns to me and says "Did you vote? Wasn't it great? You have a black man for your president. What a great country!"

He proceeds to tell me that in his country, he had no opportunity to vote for who he wanted. Then he tells me how in the winter his family would flee to the mountains and live in caves to escape the government who was trying to kill them because of their ethnic background. How they used to say the mountains were their only friends. Now they say their only friends are the mountains and America. How great he thinks America is because America helped his country.

He is from Iraq - a Kurd. And he could have cared less if Obama or McCain won our election. He was so excited to talk about it - like a little kid talking about Disneyland! He thought the process, the fact we could vote - that either man could have won was awesome. That a person who belongs to a minority in our country was elected. And he's right. I may not have been thrilled about the election results, but I should be grateful for the opportunity to participate!

On the other election front ...

Nixon rocked his speech. He went the Dwight route - carefully listened to Dwight's speech over and over and changed it to be about 6th graders.

6th Graders of Ecker Hill Unite!
We are Students!
We must never cede control of our education!

He wrote on his little speech each time he would bang on the podium (Bang 2 times). I was soooo nervous - you've got to sell something like that, not just stand up and read off of a piece of paper. My nerves were wasted. He was hilarious. I doubt many kids got the Dwight Schrute references, but they did know they loved Nixon. They laughed and cheered and I knew before we left he would win. Two girls walking out in front of us were talking about who they voted for. "Of course I voted for Nixon. EVERYONE voted for Nixon."

We left for Arizona right after the speech. They were not announcing the winners until the next day, so I asked a nice lady from the school to call us while we were gone and let us know if he had won or not. Then we had the front desk from the hotel call our room and deliver the good news. I caught the moment with my trusty Canon:

Now someone has to be early to school every Wednesday for Student Council Meetings. Congratulations Mom!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The Post Where I Try to Catch Up

Long time, no post. Sorry 'bout that. We were doing all the stuff everyone else has already posted about like

Fall Leaves

UEA Trip


Football Playoffs

Visiting Bodyworlds


By now you've read plenty about that on other blogs. Think of our experiences as similar. Only probably less organized and involving more loud laughter. Check out the links to photos if you're really dying to see my family do that stuff.

I may be the only woman in blogland without links to something Twilight related. Teenage vampire love story? I'll pass thank you very much.

We moved into a new house about 5 weeks ago. I'm a lot closer to feeling settled, made it through the 1600 pictures I had on my camera and I'm ready to rejoin the world. I felt overwhelmed at all those photos untouched and needing attention, but as I buckled down and went through them I remembered why I love to take pictures so much:

These people melt my heart. I love it all - the laughing, the occasional crying, the snuggling, the moments of joy and pride and love, the crazy busy schedule, the coveted lazy afternoon together, even the piles of ski stuff and bikes and books that appear out of nowhere and the army guys hung off the stairs - love it all!

As our sweet Elder Wirthlin said: "Come What May and Love It! The pictures are my way of remembering how much I really do love the journey part of this life. I never even really realized that is why I loved photographing my family so much until this summer when I was editing pictures from our Stake Trek and Girl's Camp and I was crying, yes crying - my heart was so full of love for those young women and I recognized that was how I felt about my family ALL the time.
I realize I may not always be the best mom - the one these kiddos deserve or the best wife. I'm not super sugary sweet like a lot of moms I admire. I make my kids do a lot of things other moms do - they have to make their own lunches and help with laundry and make their own beds and I'm very little help with those dumb projects for school. I'm often too quick to criticize and too slow to praise. I'm not sure I tell my husband how much I love and appreciate him enough. But I see love for them in every photo I take and I take a lot of photos. I catch all of them (even Geoffrey) looking at pictures and scrapbooks so I hope they see my love there too. And maybe I'll start saying I love you out loud every time I snap that shutter so they really do know how my heart is melting at that minute!