Friday, February 3, 2012

Friday Flashbacks - Moving Edition

In one month, we will have been here 6 years.  Which makes Park City the place we've lived the longest.

We lived in 3 different apartment/triplex/duplex spots in Provo.  Couldn't find any pictures of them, but we always wave to the triplex on 9th east when we're in P-town.  That place was such a sweet deal, I'll bet it still is only rented to people who tell their good friends about it as they leave.  They should have some kind of occupant history on the wall in there to see how it is passed from friend to friend.  Here's Sara in front of the bushes on the first day of kindergarten:
Provo - 1995 - 1996

With 10 day old baby Nixon and 6 year old Sara in tow, we headed to sunny Quartz Hill, California.  We stayed 5 years, had Easton, finalized Sara's adoption, took care of my Grandma, had my brother Tim live with us, made good friends, and fell in love with Disneyland.  When it was time to pack up, we had willing helpers:
Quartz Hill - 1996-2001

Then it was on to a brief stay in Scottsdale, Arizona.  Have you ever unloaded a moving truck at midnight in 110 degree weather?  I don't recommend it!  This is the only place we've ever lived that we don't have friends from.  Sad!  I'm sure the people were very nice, we just weren't there very long.  We swam a lot, Sara fell in love with dance, and they boys turned into good friends and partners in crime.
Scottsdale - 2001 - 2002

Next we were off to Mission Viejo, a great elementary school for the boys and performing arts school for Sara, a ward family that we still love like we never left, having Becky and her family live with us, all kinds of growing experiences, more love for Disneyland and the beach and new found loves for hockey, surfing and skateboards.  We ate our Christmas dinners outside and hunted for Easter eggs in the yard instead of a snow-surrounded house.  I still think of this as the place the kids grew up.  In the driveway, first day of school 2003:
Moving away - so hard!  Not just because all of our stuff was in this and we were transitioning from one uncertain job to another!
Mission Viejo, CA 2002 - 2006
More or less, that's how we got here:
Park City
Where we (some of us) fell in love with snow and skiing, where the summers are spectacular!  Where we've learned a *few* instruments, had even more growing experiences and made friends I wouldn't trade for anything.

I certainly have learned that you can be happy anywhere you choose to, that there is beauty everywhere if you only look for it and that it's good to seek the Lord's advice on these kind of things - he really does see a bigger picture than we do.

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Friday Flashbacks - FOURTEEN?! Edition

Guess who just turned 14?  This guy!

Easton is in the 8th grade, he is a ferocious reader, he loves to play ice hockey - mostly for the part where he gets to hit people.  He is an excellent peer tutor at school - it uses his special gifts of loving everyone, finding the best in everyone, making people feel comfortable and making people laugh.  He just finished building a mini ramp and rail to ski on on the side of the house. He loves his scriptwriting class and keeps everyone laughing in there I'm sure.  He is a life scout and is trying to decide what his Eagle project will be. His babysitting services are in high demand.  He is confident enough to have pulled off that vest on Christmas day.  He brings so much joy and laughter into our house - love you Easton!

Here are some of the rest of us at 14:
Nixon - August 2010

Sara - Fall 2003
Jennifer - Fall 1983 (really 13 1/2 years old)
Geoffrey, his dad and Grandpa - February 1988

Happy Birthday Easton - we love you!