Friday, April 29, 2011

Friday Flashbacks - Ski Edition

In honor protest of the new inches of snow on my lawn  and still falling from the sky this morning.

Karen Markin and friend - circa 1969
Apparently neither of our parents were big skiers - this was the "snowiest" photo I could find!
Jennifer (6th from left in bright pink) 1988
  There are a LOT of jeans in this picture.  I see a few people a year trying to ski in jeans at PCMR, and it makes me laugh. Let's be honest - this is in the midwest, so it barely qualifies as actual skiing, and I really hated falling on ice.  It would be fair to say my interest level in skiing has not improved since then, but I am grateful for the softer landings here when I do go.
Geoffrey - early 90's - probably in the Cottonwoods
A fine example of how the underdeveloped male teenage brain will jump off of anything, anytime, anywhere, with anything strapped to their feet.
Sara - 2006/2007 Season PCMR - She loves to ski like I do!
A few shots from Geoffrey's phone the last week of the season this year (which is when I wanted it to
STOP snowing!).  I owe him a big thank you for taking these - I did not take ONE picture of skiing this year - boo me :(

This (hopefully) concludes any winter related blogging for the season.  Summer where are you?!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Friday Flashbacks - He Is Risen Edition

In Honor of Easter, a day of hope and new beginnings.  Please click the link, because if you only look at my pictures, you'll think Easter is only bunnies and chocolate!
Karen, Jennifer, Jerry Markin - Easter 1973/4
Tim, Jeremy, Becky, Jennifer - Easter 1981
Tami, Carol, Lindsy, Kara, Rachel, Krista and Geoffrey  - Easter 1983ish

                                      Sara - Easter 2003                                                 Nixon  - Easter 2003
Easton - Easter 2003
This Sunday will find us spending our morning at church and relaxing in the afternoon, probably eating ham.  We're hoping for less snow and more sun, although the current forecast is not in our favor.  I think we've outgrown egg hunts, but not waking up to at least one small treat.  We'll get to talk about what Easter means to each of us and enjoy our time together.  Hope your day is as sweet as I think mine will be - Happy Easter!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

The Wonderful World of Color

The world is a carousel of color,
Wonderful, wonderful color.

The miracle of imagination,
The marvels of earth, sea and sky,
These wonders untold
Are ours to behold
In the funny world,
The sunny world,
The wonderful world of color.

We celebrated Holi at the Krishna Temple in Spanish Fork last week - so so so so fun!  They estimate 40,000 people came on Saturday alone - this is the biggest Holi celebration in North America.  I'm going to spend all year thinking of how to protect my camera from all that colored dust so I'm not afraid to take it!  I did take a few pictures while we were on the outskirts of the crowd, but of course we headed straight for the middle for the big color throwing count down!  This is my favorite of the many videos on You Tube:

Friday Flashbacks - Baby is Born Edition

In honor of my friend Brittany, who I was lucky enough to visit in the hospital last week and spend some time snuggling her sweet newborn boy.

I still remember the wonder of it all - first a little person was growing inside of me, moving around, kicking me, killing my chances for a good night's sleep.  It seemed like each pregnancy would NEVER end, then I blinked my eyes and they next thing I knew, there I was in the hospital, holding this perfect little person that I could NOT believe had been growing inside of me and that was about to kill my chances for a good night's sleep EVER again.  It is such a magical time, it's a shame it goes so fast!
The youngest picture I could find of Geoffrey - with his sister Tami
I went in for an induction at 7:00am.  It was a little over 2 weeks before my due date, but I had already been the in hospital for a few days for toxemia, and they couldn't wait anymore.  Plus, it was Thanksgiving and I think my OB was avoiding his in laws, because he induced 3 women that day.  That pitocin is nasty stuff.  By the afternoon, I was tired of the contractions every few minutes and discouraged that I wasn't even dilated to a 5 yet (they wouldn't give me an epidural until I got that far).  It took me until 5:00 to get to the magic number 5 and the pain relief!  About 45 minutes later, I kept telling the nurse I felt like I should be pushing.  She assured me I was wrong because I had only been at a 5.  Finally, she decided to check me - whoops!  Time to have a baby!  Delivery was easy.  I was so in love with that sweet girl right from the start and so amazed at the whole process. 
It was a few days before my due date.  We were moving to California, we had finished our lease on our duplex in Provo that weekend, our stuff was packed, and we were staying with Geoffrey's parents until we had a baby so we could move.  It was Sunday and a storm was moving in .  I was making dinner for the whole Barber family (pork chops), I sat down for a minute and when I stood up, there was a tiny trickle of water leaking.  No contractions, no gush of water, so I finished dinner and then we decided to head to the hospital around 4:00.  I wasn't in labor, but my water was leaking, so they had to induce labor (more pitocin!).  Lucky for me, progress had been made in the medical community in regards to women and pain and labor.  I was able to get the epidural right away, and I celebrated with a quick nap.  Even better, it was a self administering IV - just click the button when you want more.  Again, it took me a long time to dilate to a 5, but once I did, it was 5 to 10 in under an hour.  Nixon took about an hour to push out (big head!).  He was perfect and I was instantly in love again.
The doctor took mercy on me one week past my due date.  Easton was pinching a nerve in my back and I was in a lot of pain and couldn't pick up the cute 17 month old I already had at home.  I arrived at the hospital about 8:00 am on a Thursday.  I brought graph paper, as I was working on handmaking a word search for Sara's school class with the names of all the students for Valentines Day.  Pitocin once more for me!  By 2:00, I was at the magic 5 and by 3:30, we had an Easton.  Delivery was easy except for the fact that the epidural was wearing off, and no amount of pleading on my part convinced anyone in the room that there was time to give me more drugs.  Easton was a snuggler from the start and I fell in love again!