Friday, April 29, 2011

Friday Flashbacks - Ski Edition

In honor protest of the new inches of snow on my lawn  and still falling from the sky this morning.

Karen Markin and friend - circa 1969
Apparently neither of our parents were big skiers - this was the "snowiest" photo I could find!
Jennifer (6th from left in bright pink) 1988
  There are a LOT of jeans in this picture.  I see a few people a year trying to ski in jeans at PCMR, and it makes me laugh. Let's be honest - this is in the midwest, so it barely qualifies as actual skiing, and I really hated falling on ice.  It would be fair to say my interest level in skiing has not improved since then, but I am grateful for the softer landings here when I do go.
Geoffrey - early 90's - probably in the Cottonwoods
A fine example of how the underdeveloped male teenage brain will jump off of anything, anytime, anywhere, with anything strapped to their feet.
Sara - 2006/2007 Season PCMR - She loves to ski like I do!
A few shots from Geoffrey's phone the last week of the season this year (which is when I wanted it to
STOP snowing!).  I owe him a big thank you for taking these - I did not take ONE picture of skiing this year - boo me :(

This (hopefully) concludes any winter related blogging for the season.  Summer where are you?!


Gray Family said...

I can honestly much as I hate the Million degree weather here in the summer, I dislike the snow even more. Glad it's you and not me and that your family does have fun in that pretty but cold white stuff!

Heidi Green said...

I love snow! But I have to admit, I love it a lot more living down here than I did at a higher altitude... we get out of it a lot sooner. If you ever want a break, come visit me. :)