Friday, April 10, 2009

Warning! This will give you Nightmares!

Sara has been in Costa Rica (went with her employer Skullcandy). The view from her room:
She has a few mosquito bites. We have teased her endlessly that they might be bot flies. I know, we are sooo mean. WARNING: Do not watch if you are squeamish. I saw a different video of bot fly removal on the Discovery Channel about a week before she left for Costa. It took days to get it out my head!

Monday, March 16, 2009

The Winter Soundtrack

There are lots of things that change with the seasons besides air temperature and leaf color.

For instance ...summer laundry (less loads! More beach towels and board shorts) is different than winter laundry (lots of socks, and sweatshirts, and wet snow clothes!)

Winter Dinners (stews, soups, mostly heavy foods) are different than Summer Dinners (It's 8:00 at night already? Throw together a salad and yummy veggies from Farmer's Market!). Can you tell I'm really looking forward to summer eating?!

And the soundtrack changes. As the weather warms up, I'll hear more summer noises -lawnmowers and basketballs bouncing on the driveway and hockey pucks hitting the garage door. Even as I desperately yearn to wiggle my toes in the grass or hike a shady trail and to feel the sun on my arms and legs again, we are still entrenched in the last moments of the winter soundtrack -

Avalanche Canons Booming
Snowplows scraping by early in the morning
Snow blowers buzzing and shovels scratching over the driveway and sidewalks
Boots and snowshoes crunching over snow
Ice skates and pucks and sticks Scraping over the pond
Boots and skis and poles clanging together in the back of my car, then the boots stomping up the metal stairs and across the plaza at the resort, only to be followed by ..
Skis swishing through powder (OK, maybe a little scraping on spring corn today)

and the ultimate winter sound ...

"Powder day today Mom! Please let's skip school!!!"

It's been fun, I've had lots to love the last few months, but I'm ready for change - time to change your tune Mother Nature!

Saturday, February 28, 2009

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Ni hao

I have 3 kids. I have had to sit through a lot of long and boring school events, concerts, recitals, plays. Hands down, Mrs. Wu - Nixon's Chinese teacher- wins the prize for the BEST school event since the 4th Grade Utah Play (which I have enjoyed twice)! The Chinese Spring Festival started with a Lion Dance ...
(the little lion on the right is Nixon!)

It included traditional Chinese dancers ...
Tibetan Dancers ...
Chinese Toy Demonstrations ...
Kung Fu, Singing, and a Dragon Dance. Even the Park Record thought it was cool - thanks Mrs. Wu!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Stuff We are Looking Forward To ...

In-and-Out in Draper. It's about time.

Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. Those kids are going to have gray hair and grandkids by the time they wrap this up.

Guitar Hero Metallica - reserved it the first day possible. Want to come play? See you March 29.

Summer. You can't come fast enough!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Scrap Weekend 2009

Put 12 ladies in one room for 4 days, + buckets & bags & stacks of paper + pictures + adhesive + embellishments. This is 2009, so also + 8 laptops & 6 Cricut machines. Throw in lots of chocolate + Diet Coke + chick flicks.

Subtract -Sleep- kids - getting dressed.

The Result? Laughing, story sharing, friendship building, missing your family and loving them even more as you document your lives.

Scrap Weekend 2007

Scrap Weekend 2008

Scrap Weekend 2009 - missing Stephanie dearly and wanting a date for her next visit on the calendar NOW! Lisa Bearnson stopped by and brought us treats - so sweet of her!

photo coming soon :)

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Park City Kids

don't feel the cold. Bathing suits and snow? No worries

Ice cream in your winter coat? Yum!

During Christmas break, we spent a whole day running around Park City redeeming our PCTV Summer Reading Program rewards. Swimming, ice cream, slurpees, Staples money, more ice cream. Thanks PCTV!