Friday, April 10, 2009

Warning! This will give you Nightmares!

Sara has been in Costa Rica (went with her employer Skullcandy). The view from her room:
She has a few mosquito bites. We have teased her endlessly that they might be bot flies. I know, we are sooo mean. WARNING: Do not watch if you are squeamish. I saw a different video of bot fly removal on the Discovery Channel about a week before she left for Costa. It took days to get it out my head!


Robyn said...

Uhgh, Uhgh, dry heaving, dry heaving. I hope she doesn't have bites from those. What is skull candy? I was so excited when I clicked on the link. I thought she worked for a candy company. But it doesn't look like it is one.

sara ann said...

no bot flies in my leg! : )

Kim said...

What the heck is a bot fly, and how can I avoid that EVER happening to ME?!!!