Saturday, August 14, 2010

Why Scouts should not have Video Cameras at Camp

Friday Flashbacks - Backpacking Edition

It's OK to call these Friday Flashbacks even if I'm a day or two late sometimes, right? 

Summer is slipping away and that tiny pull that reminds me to not miss a minute has turned into a giant rope playing a killer game of tug of war between the stuff that needs to be done and the last days of summer joy: 
-the morning pile of boys in my bed just laying around and chatting,
-the lazy morning pancake feasts that have no time limit,
-riding bikes to 7-11 for an afternoon Slurpee,
-Sculpy clay creations just because,
-games in the yard while I fuss over the garden,
-dinner at whatever time we get around to it followed by staying up too late having a 30 Rock-a-thon.

Nixon and Easton are home safe and sound from their big adventure.  There were THREE Jamboree troops on their flight home (so sorry for the 3 or 4 other people on the plane!).  That was a quite a crowd at the airport and the hugs were tight and long and as sweet as I had imagined.

Nixon left two days later for our ward's High Adventure - a backpack to the highest point in Utah - King's Peak.  They hiked over 40 miles to 13,528 feet in 4 days.  He was sooo tired when he came back.  The word fun hasn't come out of his mouth yet, but he was proud of himself and glad he went.  I'm proud and glad too!

My first backpack trip came when I was about the same age.  I went for one week in the mountains near Lake Arrowhead, ending at Big Bear.  It was a co-ed trip and there were only 2 or 3 girls.  My pack weighed about 1/2 what I did.  I do remember it was hard and I was super glad to see those ski lift chairs in Big Bear and know we were almost home!

Jennifer getting ready to backpack - 1983ish

Nixon getting ready to backpack - August 2010

Nixon on the top of King's Peak - August 2010