Friday, July 25, 2008

Amazing Stuff

So trek was incredible in every way. It has been exactly one year since Valine, Corrine and I were called to our callings, and that is exactly how long we have been planning trek. Not quite a year for Jill, but it feels like she has always been there. These women are my dear friends, and I came back from Martin's Cove with such a deep gratitude for many things - among them the wisdom of our Heavenly Father for the callings we have, for the way the 8 distinct personalities of our 2 presidencies were each vital in this process, a deepened respect for the YM leaders, who totally stepped up and led this thing, love for these ladies who will be friends forever, newfound friends along the trail and of course love for our awesome youth - they rocked! Don't ever call Park City kids wimps - we literally had to hold them back most of the time!

I could not believe how blessed we were in so many situations on trek. Weather, bugs, safety, water level (we were the FIRST group this year allowed to take our carts across the Sweetwater!), spiritual experiences, fun factor, families meshing together - it can all be summed up as BEST case scenarios. All day Sunday as I visited different wards, talking with people, the blessings would come into the conversation and I could not keep my eyes dry. All day! My heart is so full!

I am sooooo thrilled that I was able to share this all with Geoffrey. He and Paul (Valine's husband) were so vital to things running smoothly, I am forever grateful. He made sure I ate, my Camelback was full, my tent was set up. I literally could focus all my attention where it needed to be. Love you, love you , love you. I think his blog will have to return so he can explain how it is that he was our first trip to the hospital of the trek - ON OUR WAY TO CHECK IN. 9 stitches - good work babe!

Here we are crossing the Sweetwater - somehow he thought those stitches were an excuse to not carry me across.
Even though our house has been all trek 24/7, the kids have managed to slip some other stuff into summer lately - most notably - Sara has made us forever jealous by sitting 12th row at the Police concert:

Nixon and Easton took a break from cleaning up at Farmer's Market to skate a hockey clinic with Luc Robitaille:

2 weeks until Girl's Camp and maybe? a slower pace, but probably not since then it is Education Week and then school starts :(- crazy!

Friday, July 11, 2008

365 Days until the Next 7-11 Day

My boys have been COUNTING down to 7-11 day. The best day of the whole year if you ask those two - the day you can get a slurpee for FREE at 7-11. Every time we drive by a 7-11, they talk about it and I've been hungry for a slurpee and wanted to stop and get one. But I didn't want to spoil the anticipation of 7-11 Day, so I've kept driving. Shhhh...Don't tell 7-11 their marketing plan has backfired!

It reminds me of Free Pretzel Day:

Sunday, July 6, 2008

4 Posts in One Day?

Sorry to throw up on my blog like Geoffrey that one night (when he ate an entire box of Kroger brand frozen shrimp at 2 in the morning after a hockey game). Sorry, that was gross and I can't believe I would admit to having a box of Kroger brand frozen shrimp in my freezer - but Geoffrey bought them, so I think he totally got what he deserved with that! I have an excuse - I have a TON of trek stuff to do, isn't wasting hours blog surfing the natural reaction to having too much to do?

Anyway ...last thought for the night is really a question - what do you do to keep organized during the summer? Man, we struggle with keeping bed times and keeping up with family scripture study. It's so much easier during the school year!

I'll share what we're up to this summer, but it hasn't solved either of my previously mentioned dilemmas, so I hope you all have some good ideas!

We have summer books -

The kids write every morning a list of what they "have to do" before they can play. The list has some stuff that is the same everyday - make beds, clean rooms, read for 30 minutes. It usually has one or two other small chores (vacuum a room, wipe down the walls in a room, that kind of stuff). Then I try to put something fun on the list too. We have a Summer of Fun banner hanging up downstairs that has stuff we sat around and said we wanted to do this summer on it. After we do something at least once, the little guy gets to jump in the water. It keeps me mindful of the things we want to do. Hope we get to most of it before summer is over!

You can always find photos of what we've been up to on Smugmug.

So please share! What are you doing this summer for organization? Or for fun?

I Do Have a Daughter

I know she doesn't make a lot of appearances here on the blog. She's so on her way to adulthood now! We're glad to have her in the house for the brief amounts of time she is around - we know those moments are precious and fleeting!

Sara's been dancing her little heart out. You can catch a glimpse of her now and again at The Ballet West Blog. The summer schedule has been 8:00 - 5:30. I always worry that she will burn out, but the more she dances, the more she seems to know that is what she wants to do - good for her!

She had the 4th of July off - lucky us! We had a super day - our friend Lesa knows how to throw a party like no other! That women has some serious skills and party throwing is near the top of the list. Here is Sara playing with the Mac camera with Kali and Nic -

And here she is at Deer Valley for the big 4th of July symphony:

We love what a great person she has turned out to be. We got to go and hear her talk in the singles ward last month - what a treat! She has a calling she is going to be great at (organizing Family Home Evenings)! Love you Sara!

So Sweet!

I had to record this sweet talk Nixon gave in Primary today ...isn't this sort of thing the reason to have a blog in the first place? I'm so sad I didn't do the same thing for the talk Easton gave on the Resurrection a few months ago, and I know we didn't save the paper he wrote his talk on! Lesson learned! I took a picture of Nixon's cute written out talk and the picture he held up.

Have you ever thought about what you would look like on your mission? I have. I think I will look just like this. (hold up picture of dad). This is my dad on his mission. Have you ever thought about what kind of missionary you will be? I have. I want to be a good missionary like my dad. To prepare myself today I can read the scriptures and pray. Alma the younger and the sons of Mosiah prepared for their mission by studying the scriptures (Read scripture in Alma 17:2-3). Bear Testimony.

He did bear a sweet testimony and it was a tender little talk he wrote. This is his last talk in Primary - can you believe he will be a deacon next month?

Little Businessmen!

Nixon and Easton had this "great" idea to make and sell swords and bows and arrows at our local Farmer's Market. Being the super supportive mom that I am, I explained to them the economics of how once you pay for your booth and your supplies you probably wouldn't actually make any money. Clever monkeys decided to inquire about booth prices on their own, explained their product, and were offered a booth for free. Yea boys - you've created another calendar item for your mom!

What could I say but "Sure, you do all the work and we'll have your booth." Come on, two boys? They generally have the combined attention span of a chihuahua! I gave it two days to go away. WRONG. Those two planned, made a materials list, went to the store, and spent two weeks designing a banner and making product. So this week, we had the debut of:

Toys by Boys - 2 Yahoos, Inc.

It was pretty successful. I got to wander Farmer's Market for a few hours - they sold their little hearts out, made a profit, and already invested back into more materials so now they are debt free and will have 100% profit next week. They are going to add marshmallow shooters to the inventory and even though this week will be another short one (we have to leave for hockey again), after this week, they can stay for all of Farmer's Market and reach an even larger audience.

I love these cute boys!