Sunday, July 6, 2008

I Do Have a Daughter

I know she doesn't make a lot of appearances here on the blog. She's so on her way to adulthood now! We're glad to have her in the house for the brief amounts of time she is around - we know those moments are precious and fleeting!

Sara's been dancing her little heart out. You can catch a glimpse of her now and again at The Ballet West Blog. The summer schedule has been 8:00 - 5:30. I always worry that she will burn out, but the more she dances, the more she seems to know that is what she wants to do - good for her!

She had the 4th of July off - lucky us! We had a super day - our friend Lesa knows how to throw a party like no other! That women has some serious skills and party throwing is near the top of the list. Here is Sara playing with the Mac camera with Kali and Nic -

And here she is at Deer Valley for the big 4th of July symphony:

We love what a great person she has turned out to be. We got to go and hear her talk in the singles ward last month - what a treat! She has a calling she is going to be great at (organizing Family Home Evenings)! Love you Sara!

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