Sunday, July 6, 2008

Little Businessmen!

Nixon and Easton had this "great" idea to make and sell swords and bows and arrows at our local Farmer's Market. Being the super supportive mom that I am, I explained to them the economics of how once you pay for your booth and your supplies you probably wouldn't actually make any money. Clever monkeys decided to inquire about booth prices on their own, explained their product, and were offered a booth for free. Yea boys - you've created another calendar item for your mom!

What could I say but "Sure, you do all the work and we'll have your booth." Come on, two boys? They generally have the combined attention span of a chihuahua! I gave it two days to go away. WRONG. Those two planned, made a materials list, went to the store, and spent two weeks designing a banner and making product. So this week, we had the debut of:

Toys by Boys - 2 Yahoos, Inc.

It was pretty successful. I got to wander Farmer's Market for a few hours - they sold their little hearts out, made a profit, and already invested back into more materials so now they are debt free and will have 100% profit next week. They are going to add marshmallow shooters to the inventory and even though this week will be another short one (we have to leave for hockey again), after this week, they can stay for all of Farmer's Market and reach an even larger audience.

I love these cute boys!


Heidi Green said...

First of all - love the shirts!

Second - that is so awesome! I want pictures of what they are selling. I mean, I get the marshmallow gun idea but how do you make a bow and arrows? Let me know if the boys are doing this all summer. Matt loves to stop by the market and would love to support their stand.

Jennifer said...

I'll have to take pictures this week of the product. The swords are PVC pipe with foam noodle. You can hit someone pretty hard and it doesn't hurt, so those are nice. The bows are PVC pipe and the arrows are wooden dowels with foam noodle tips. They really shoot hard. I think they are so cool. Geoffrey thinks we need a serious disclaimer so no one sues us when someone loses an eye! ha!