Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Friday Flashbacks - FOURTEEN?! Edition

Guess who just turned 14?  This guy!

Easton is in the 8th grade, he is a ferocious reader, he loves to play ice hockey - mostly for the part where he gets to hit people.  He is an excellent peer tutor at school - it uses his special gifts of loving everyone, finding the best in everyone, making people feel comfortable and making people laugh.  He just finished building a mini ramp and rail to ski on on the side of the house. He loves his scriptwriting class and keeps everyone laughing in there I'm sure.  He is a life scout and is trying to decide what his Eagle project will be. His babysitting services are in high demand.  He is confident enough to have pulled off that vest on Christmas day.  He brings so much joy and laughter into our house - love you Easton!

Here are some of the rest of us at 14:
Nixon - August 2010

Sara - Fall 2003
Jennifer - Fall 1983 (really 13 1/2 years old)
Geoffrey, his dad and Grandpa - February 1988

Happy Birthday Easton - we love you!