Saturday, January 24, 2009

Scrap Weekend 2009

Put 12 ladies in one room for 4 days, + buckets & bags & stacks of paper + pictures + adhesive + embellishments. This is 2009, so also + 8 laptops & 6 Cricut machines. Throw in lots of chocolate + Diet Coke + chick flicks.

Subtract -Sleep- kids - getting dressed.

The Result? Laughing, story sharing, friendship building, missing your family and loving them even more as you document your lives.

Scrap Weekend 2007

Scrap Weekend 2008

Scrap Weekend 2009 - missing Stephanie dearly and wanting a date for her next visit on the calendar NOW! Lisa Bearnson stopped by and brought us treats - so sweet of her!

photo coming soon :)

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Park City Kids

don't feel the cold. Bathing suits and snow? No worries

Ice cream in your winter coat? Yum!

During Christmas break, we spent a whole day running around Park City redeeming our PCTV Summer Reading Program rewards. Swimming, ice cream, slurpees, Staples money, more ice cream. Thanks PCTV!