Friday, July 25, 2008

Amazing Stuff

So trek was incredible in every way. It has been exactly one year since Valine, Corrine and I were called to our callings, and that is exactly how long we have been planning trek. Not quite a year for Jill, but it feels like she has always been there. These women are my dear friends, and I came back from Martin's Cove with such a deep gratitude for many things - among them the wisdom of our Heavenly Father for the callings we have, for the way the 8 distinct personalities of our 2 presidencies were each vital in this process, a deepened respect for the YM leaders, who totally stepped up and led this thing, love for these ladies who will be friends forever, newfound friends along the trail and of course love for our awesome youth - they rocked! Don't ever call Park City kids wimps - we literally had to hold them back most of the time!

I could not believe how blessed we were in so many situations on trek. Weather, bugs, safety, water level (we were the FIRST group this year allowed to take our carts across the Sweetwater!), spiritual experiences, fun factor, families meshing together - it can all be summed up as BEST case scenarios. All day Sunday as I visited different wards, talking with people, the blessings would come into the conversation and I could not keep my eyes dry. All day! My heart is so full!

I am sooooo thrilled that I was able to share this all with Geoffrey. He and Paul (Valine's husband) were so vital to things running smoothly, I am forever grateful. He made sure I ate, my Camelback was full, my tent was set up. I literally could focus all my attention where it needed to be. Love you, love you , love you. I think his blog will have to return so he can explain how it is that he was our first trip to the hospital of the trek - ON OUR WAY TO CHECK IN. 9 stitches - good work babe!

Here we are crossing the Sweetwater - somehow he thought those stitches were an excuse to not carry me across.
Even though our house has been all trek 24/7, the kids have managed to slip some other stuff into summer lately - most notably - Sara has made us forever jealous by sitting 12th row at the Police concert:

Nixon and Easton took a break from cleaning up at Farmer's Market to skate a hockey clinic with Luc Robitaille:

2 weeks until Girl's Camp and maybe? a slower pace, but probably not since then it is Education Week and then school starts :(- crazy!


Kara said...

Looks like you had a lot of fun!! I am so glad you got home safe and sound... Good luck with Girls Camp, I am glad we got ours out of the way early this year. We love you and need to get together soon. xoxo

Fuhriman Family said...

Does it ever slow down when you have kids? Even on days when we are home I still feel pulled in more directions then I can count. I am happy your trek experience was a good one. It's amazing the spirit that comes with pulling a handcart! Bless those pioneers.

Julie said...

Jennifer! What a great blog - i knew after meeting your cute Sarah that her mom must be just as full of energy. Trek looked amazing - I am looking forward to being "trek parents" one day myself. As for hockey, let's keep an eye out for each other at Steiner this season.