Sunday, September 16, 2007


So I spent the weekend with some other stake leaders at Martin's Cove for trek training. We are taking our stake next summer and so we were REQUIRED to attend this training. We really had to trek with handcarts, cross the Sweetwater, see Martin's Cove, do a women's pull and camp out. We got a taste of wild Wyoming weather - a big rain/lightening/wind storm all night long!

I am sooo excited for trek! What a great experience to walk and camp and be right where the pioneers were. There was a special spirit about the place and the couple missionaries who are serving there were DARLING and having so much fun. What a great place to serve a mission!

We left with some strong feelings about what we want our trek to be like for our youth and some goals we have for them. It's going to be great!

So did you trek as a youth (or as an adult)? What do you remember as the most powerful parts? Any advice?


Janice said...

Oh, I never treked but maybe someday as an adult..I have heard it is such a wonderful experience!!

Fuhriman Family said...

I went on a trek when I was 17. I remember hating my parents for making me go, but I had a really great experience. I had one really powerful experience. The night before there was a really awful rainstorm, and the trail was super muddy. None of the girls in my "family" would pull the handcart on dry days, and we could barely get them to walk in the mud. Anyway, we had been walking all day up a really steep and muddy hill and as we came over the crest a man from our stake was standing at the top singing in the middle of a meadow. We all stopped to rest, and the spirit was so strong as he kept singing hymn after hymn. The most fun memory was of the square dance we had on the last night. My advice is to not push people into participating, the spirit of the experience will reach them easier if they don'e fell like they have to fight. Sorry for the long comment.

Robyn said...

You get to do the coolest things!!! The only "trekkin" I remember is walking 5 miles at Youth Conference pulling a wagon. It was a pretty spiritual experience, but I guess the M.V. Stake did a real trek this last summer. Wish I could've gone.