Thursday, September 13, 2007

There's Always Room for One More Flanders!

That's what comes out of the Ned Flanders toy that this darling boy loved playing with at our house. I wanted them to take the toy with them, I can't figure out why Robyn and Dave didn't take it?!

Have you ever seen such cutie?
Robyn, Dave, and Trent stopped by for the afternoon. We were all so thrilled to see them and hope they can stay longer next time.
We lunched on Main Street, visited a miner museum, and went to the zoo.

My boys think Trent is so fun, it was a great day! More pictures here!


Robyn said...

I just left a comment and it didn't post. Whatever. We had the best time with you up there. I love your family. Your boys are so smart and handsome and Sarah is seriously going to be a star someday. I might see her on So You Think You Can Dance next season?

That first picture of Trent does not truly depict his mood at lunch. Sorry again about that! I'm glad we could go to the zoo together too. He had a blast with your boys there.

I just looked at your smugmug pics and am wondering how you got down to just 200 pictures! Ha! I am so upset right now because your pictures have so much more depth and beauty to them than any lame digital camera I've ever owned. Someday I'll get your camera and call you everyday to see how to use it. Thanks for taking so many pictures and capturing our fun day!

I wish we could come up and stay in the winter so we could enjoy the snow and ski! Maybe in 2 years!!!! Ahh! So long! I miss you already!

Jennifer said...

I'm so glad you could come! Trent is so sweet and I loved seeing you! Hope your journey home was uneventful and that you are already looking at your calendar for a trip back!