Friday, July 11, 2008

365 Days until the Next 7-11 Day

My boys have been COUNTING down to 7-11 day. The best day of the whole year if you ask those two - the day you can get a slurpee for FREE at 7-11. Every time we drive by a 7-11, they talk about it and I've been hungry for a slurpee and wanted to stop and get one. But I didn't want to spoil the anticipation of 7-11 Day, so I've kept driving. Shhhh...Don't tell 7-11 their marketing plan has backfired!

It reminds me of Free Pretzel Day:


Heidi Green said...

I'll have to check out 7-11 next year - I never knew they did that.

We love "The Office." When we were putting the kids' handprints in the concrete sandbox border we joked about when Michael put his face in the sidewalk concrete. . . "push it in harder". . .

jamirodana said...

Haha! I always forget about free slurpie day! I remember on the other days though.
I love the Free pretzel episode! Haha, funny clip.