Sunday, July 6, 2008

4 Posts in One Day?

Sorry to throw up on my blog like Geoffrey that one night (when he ate an entire box of Kroger brand frozen shrimp at 2 in the morning after a hockey game). Sorry, that was gross and I can't believe I would admit to having a box of Kroger brand frozen shrimp in my freezer - but Geoffrey bought them, so I think he totally got what he deserved with that! I have an excuse - I have a TON of trek stuff to do, isn't wasting hours blog surfing the natural reaction to having too much to do?

Anyway ...last thought for the night is really a question - what do you do to keep organized during the summer? Man, we struggle with keeping bed times and keeping up with family scripture study. It's so much easier during the school year!

I'll share what we're up to this summer, but it hasn't solved either of my previously mentioned dilemmas, so I hope you all have some good ideas!

We have summer books -

The kids write every morning a list of what they "have to do" before they can play. The list has some stuff that is the same everyday - make beds, clean rooms, read for 30 minutes. It usually has one or two other small chores (vacuum a room, wipe down the walls in a room, that kind of stuff). Then I try to put something fun on the list too. We have a Summer of Fun banner hanging up downstairs that has stuff we sat around and said we wanted to do this summer on it. After we do something at least once, the little guy gets to jump in the water. It keeps me mindful of the things we want to do. Hope we get to most of it before summer is over!

You can always find photos of what we've been up to on Smugmug.

So please share! What are you doing this summer for organization? Or for fun?

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Heidi Green said...

I am so glad you need help with summer organization because now I don't feel like the only one losing it! Man, summer is hard. . . I was in my pj's until after lunch today.

Your poster is cute - do the diving boys have activities written on them?