Monday, February 1, 2010

Because it is Time ...

I've had lots of clever (to me) thoughts percolating in my brain for a new blog post, but never the time to sit down and do it. My poor mother-in-law has no desire to join Facebook and feels left out of the comings and goings of all of us who seem to have abandoned our blogs for facebook.

For the record, this is how I still feel about Facebook. It has been a great tool for reconnecting with past friends, but is not a place I spend a lot of time, and certainly not the keeper of our family's history, which was always the intent of having a blog!

So I recommit, to writing on occasion about:
*our happenings
*some of our random thoughts
*some of the life lessons we learn along the way
*some of the embarrassing moments that slip into our lives (Me: shoveling in a robe and pajamas this morning because I knew once I went inside the shower would be too tempting, AND slipping and falling, sprawled out in said bathrobe on our driveway)
*most importantly - about the way my heart swells like it will burst from all the love I have for these people:

What do you need to recommit to today?

1 comment:

Robyn said...

Jennifer! I'm so sorry you slipped in your robe while shoveling snow!!! Are you okay? I have missed your updates and I need to see more of you and your beautiful family. I stopped Facebooking a long time ago so I'm so out of the loop. I miss you! Your kids look awesome in that first picture! How are you? Are you coming here anytime soon? Keep in touch! Oh, did you ever get your Christmas card from me?