Friday, February 19, 2010

Now there is a Picture In My Heart too

We've been trying to make it to the Salt Lake Temple to do temple baptisms since Easton's birthday. There has not been ONE single time that someone was not at work or school or a church meeting and the temple was open. Who would have guessed that our scheduling dilemma would turn out to be a tender mercy?

We made it Thursday morning, minus the always too busy Sara. We shared some moments too sweet and tender for such a public forum, and then ...there was Thomas S. Monson, oh and Henry B. Eyring too, walking through the hall, stopping to walk over and talk to us and three other sweet boys and their dad. President Eyring is peeking around the corner, just grinning at us as we all stand, wide-eyed, I'm sure, listening to President Monson.

He told a story about some boys in Germany, who despite a broken water heater did baptisms for 45 names. When asked how they were feeling, they said "Oh, we didn't feel anything after about the 3rd name!.
Next, President Monson said he hoped that our bishops had talked to us about what we were doing today. He said we were "doing something for someone that cannot do it for themselves. That's what the Savior did." He told us we were doing a good thing and to go home and write in our journals about our experiences that day.

After he left, Nixon kept whispering to me "That was awesome! That was so cool Mom". Easton said "I can't stop smiling". Geoffrey and I wiped a few of those good tears away.

Oh, we made sure to write in our journals too. When a prophet tells you to do something, it's probably best to obey. The bar has been set pretty high for Easton's temple visits. Sorry buddy, you don't see the prophet every time, but you will always feel like you can't stop smiling.


Gray Family said...

AMAZING! Can't think of anything else to say - way a lucky wonderful AMAZING experience!

Mama F said...

What a great way to start serving in the temple!

Lori said...

What a wonderful experience!! I can't wait until I get to go to the temple and baptisms with my kids.

Heidi Green said...

Oh, how amazing. I am so happy for your family - what an incredible experience to have together.

Camille said...

Amazing. Hey, thanks for reading my blog {and thanks for the comment}.