Tuesday, February 16, 2010

There is a Picture in My Head ...

that I don't want to forget. It is a moment from sacrament meeting, where cameras are frowned upon (although I do have to confess to snapping and emailing a few i-phone photos during the Primary Program to my dear friend who was away and missing her cute girls talks!).

Easton recently turned 12 and received the priesthood. One of the first duties of a new deacon is to pass the sacrament in church. Easton's first Sunday to do this was Feb. 7. Before the meeting, I saw Nixon, the older brother and deacon's quorum president leaning over to give last minute instructions to his brother. I watched my two boys share a hymn book and a precious moment.

Easton is a joker, a funny guy, a get-the-giggles-when-things-get-serious boy. I had a few butterflies in my stomach that everyone would be reverent! I never should have doubted. Easton was so serious about his responsibility. He walked carefully, carried his tray solemnly, and here came the boys back up to the table and there it was:

My two sons standing next to each other, wearing their Sunday suits, holding trays carefully in front of them, standing tall and looking straight ahead. Their hair has been carefully combed and their "gig" lines carefully aligned. Easton is in front of Nixon, only coming up to his shoulders (!?), and right behind them, sitting on the stand is my sweet husband, completely choked up and obviously feeling the tenderness of the moment as much as I was. All three of my boys doing their best to serve their Savior. This friends, is what is known as sweet tears.

Lucky for me, only one of us had to stand up right after this heart swelling moment at a microphone and try to conduct a meeting. That one of us was Geoffrey, and bless his heart, he did manage to *sort of* hold it together as he opened our fast and testimony meeting. There have been some hard years recently at the Barber house in a few areas, but this Sunday was such a visual reminder to me, that in the important areas, our blessings are overflowing.


Gray Family said...

That truely is a sweet picture. I always said I didn't want a boy because of the mission thing, but just now, I guess I can't wait to see him serve so proudly and unselfishly. Thanks for the reminder!

Mama F said...

That is very touching story! Jo can't wait to be a deacon. When we sit on a row that is empty in the middle he loves to carry the tray down to the other family. I hope that doesn't wear off!