Monday, September 22, 2008

Summer, Oh Summer... I long to grab you in my hands and squeeze as tight as I can so that you will just stay a little longer. You came so late this year (remember that snow AFTER school got out?), don't we deserve for you to leave late too?

By the time Fall is over, I'm ready for winter- pretty colors gone, bring on the snow! By the time Winter is over, I'm READY to move on. Spring? Blink and you might miss it up here, but summer ...I never want you to leave. Just a few more lazy days in the backyard, please?There are more air soft forts to be built:
More friends to hang out with:

Yet it is undeniable that fall is in the air. The mountains are turning beautiful colors, our windows have been shut at night for over a month, the schlepping of the hockey bags in and out of the rink has begun:

High School Football is in full swing (Geoffrey is the play-by-play guy for PCTV for Miners Football) and blogging about it once in a while here:

The salsa has been made (3 friends+12 hours = 48 quart jars!):

And the real signal that summer is dead: Nutcracker rehearsals are in full swing. 93 Days Until Christmas!
Yes, that's Sara leading those little soldier boys during auditions!


Heidi Green said...

I LOVE summers in Park City!!

Are your boys skating up there or at Steiner this year? Bradley's a squirt now so we may play against you if you're skating with PC.

Mama F said...

I do not lament the loss of the sweltering heat. For me it is fall that I miss most. Warm days, cool nights, and an ever changing landscape. That's the season for me. The part of summer I do miss is having my hubby home. Fall means back to work.

Gray Family said...

Holy Cow how did you find me?! I love new blogs to read - I will be checking in often. How lucky you are to have multiple seasons. Here we go from way too hot to way too cold. My plants either sunburn or freeze, my neighbors think I'm crazy for even trying - I am currently trying to recreate a miniature Mission Viejo in my backyard. I can't belive Sara is so tall and very ballerina looking too - I know why the boys are following her (wink wink). So good to hear from you. Have a great fall season - I am very jealous!