Tuesday, September 9, 2008

I have two new blogger friends I'm super excited for! First is Kara - too bad for all of you, she's private. She's also one of the kindest and most creative people I've ever met. I never get to talk to her anymore so I hope she blogs a lot!

Second is Stephanie. Her kids are hilarious and she always says "If I had blog I could write about that ....". So now she can!

She doesn't have any pictures yet, but lucky for her I took a few while she was visiting a few weeks ago! We spent a whole glorious week at Education Week and then her family stayed one way-too-short night with us and were here for Nixon's priesthood ordination. Thanks Talon!!

She probably wants to kill me for putting this picture of Sarelle about to make a tasty snack out of our friend Wade, but I couldn't resist - how darling is that little princess?
And why couldn't our kids help us take a normal picture anyway?

Love you gals! Hope to see lots of updating and pictures :).


Anonymous said...

Nice little princess - BITING!!! ha ha gotta love those mean No no MING girls!

Cute pictures! I have got to update. Talon is doing dishes right now because I told him how stressed Iwas. Not such a good time to blog. Steph

Oh what the Hale (like we haven't heard that before) said...

Two words: beautiful blog. Thansk for sharing! -Susan

Mama F said...

Someday I hope to be able to attend Education Week. It is probably at least 6 years away. Something to look forward to I guess.

Heidi Green said...

You look so beautiful in that last picture!