Saturday, April 2, 2011

The Wonderful World of Color

The world is a carousel of color,
Wonderful, wonderful color.

The miracle of imagination,
The marvels of earth, sea and sky,
These wonders untold
Are ours to behold
In the funny world,
The sunny world,
The wonderful world of color.

We celebrated Holi at the Krishna Temple in Spanish Fork last week - so so so so fun!  They estimate 40,000 people came on Saturday alone - this is the biggest Holi celebration in North America.  I'm going to spend all year thinking of how to protect my camera from all that colored dust so I'm not afraid to take it!  I did take a few pictures while we were on the outskirts of the crowd, but of course we headed straight for the middle for the big color throwing count down!  This is my favorite of the many videos on You Tube:


Heidi Green said...

I had no idea what this was till you enlightened me. You are an awesome mom. How cool that it's the biggest celebration in N.A. - it looked amazing! This is something I'd love to take my kids to experience when they're a little older. Is the powder hard on your eyes or breathing, etc?

Gray Family said...

I'm going to have to go read what this was all about. Hope that color was washable. You are brave, and I always thought your family was a little colorful, just didn't realize how colorful!