Friday, April 22, 2011

Friday Flashbacks - He Is Risen Edition

In Honor of Easter, a day of hope and new beginnings.  Please click the link, because if you only look at my pictures, you'll think Easter is only bunnies and chocolate!
Karen, Jennifer, Jerry Markin - Easter 1973/4
Tim, Jeremy, Becky, Jennifer - Easter 1981
Tami, Carol, Lindsy, Kara, Rachel, Krista and Geoffrey  - Easter 1983ish

                                      Sara - Easter 2003                                                 Nixon  - Easter 2003
Easton - Easter 2003
This Sunday will find us spending our morning at church and relaxing in the afternoon, probably eating ham.  We're hoping for less snow and more sun, although the current forecast is not in our favor.  I think we've outgrown egg hunts, but not waking up to at least one small treat.  We'll get to talk about what Easter means to each of us and enjoy our time together.  Hope your day is as sweet as I think mine will be - Happy Easter!


Gray Family said...

Love, love, love the look on Geoffrey's mom's face in the '83 picture! Priceless! Happy Easter!

Karen said...

Remember who loves you!
He is risen - He is risen indeed!
Love from Vietnam! XOXOXOXOXO