Friday, May 14, 2010

Friday Flashbacks - Tri, Tri Again Edition

Let's flash all the way back to 2008 - when Geoffrey signed up for the Jordanelle Triathlon and trained for it by walking from the house to his car in the driveway every morning. I was nervous we would be scanning the bottom of the lake looking for him - seriously, how many years had it been since he had swam a lap? I should have had more faith, he did fine.

This of course only serves to add more pressure to my foray into the tri world, scheduled for next Saturday.

May is a terrible month to sign up for a tri in Utah - I have had very few chances to train outside - we were snowed/rained out all this week and relegated into the gym. Except, ironically, for the swim training, which has been in an outdoor pool during snow/rain/hurricane force winds. I really hate swimming. The other downside to May is that life is so busy with end of the year school events it is very difficult to carve out that training time every day. Some nights I have been in the pool under falling snow at 9:00 at night. That's just wrong.

The upside to a May tri is that I have been working out during this busy time. If I wasn't committed (and by committed, I mean I PAID MONEY for it) to this tri, there would have been zero working out this month. So yea for me. I'm grateful for a great training partner. Lots of mornings I would have bailed if I wasn't meeting her.

Now the last week is upon me. Time to figure out what I am wearing and start praying that I can finish. Wish me luck.


Mama F said...

Good luck Jen! I think I would enjoy a Tri, I like swimming, and biking. It's the running I am not so fond of.

Camille said...

you'll do fine. make sure and wave when you pass me!!

Robyn said...

Wait, is that a recent picture of Geoffrey? He looks like he's in the best shape of his life! I am so proud of you for doing this! You are going to do great! Post some pics when you are done! You will never forget doing it and it will make you want to do more and more of these races! Have fun!!