Friday, June 4, 2010

Friday Flashbacks - 7th Grade Edition

School's Out for Summer! There are three days of the year I LOVE - Christmas, 4th of July and the last day of school! The Last Day of School may be the best - all the fun and smiles, none of the shopping or preparing! We celebrated by hanging in Salt Lake with some good friends, a temple trip and a friends' giant bonfire (about 100 kids showed up) to burn schoolwork. So fun!

I can't believe my baby will be a 7th Grader next year. In honor, photos of our family around the 7th grade.
Nixon and Easton after a Jazz Band Concert - May 2010Sara at Big Bear - Summer 2003

Jennifer getting ready for to backpack near Lake Arrowhead - Summer 1983

Geoffrey with his Dad - between 1986 and 1988


Robyn said...

On my gosh, I thought that last picture was of Nixon and Geoffrey! THey look just like them!! That is so cool that you have that. And I can't believe your boys made those cupcakes. so creative! I miss you so much. Post pictures from your first triathalon, will you??

Jennifer said...

Robyn, No way on the tri pictures! Besides the fact that I really look like a mess, my sweet boys who were in charge of my camera didn't check the settings and none of the pictures came out. Imagine it in your mind - in my mind I look awesome!

Check out the What's New Cupcake? book - so cute and so easy even a 13 year old boy can do it!