Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Life Elevated

So I've finally decided to dive into the blogging world. What kind of a blogger will I be? Will I be clever and funny like my dear friend Robyn or will I start this and then drop off of the face of the earth like my brother Tim?

I thought it would be great to have a clever name like one of my friends, but alas I have been handicapped by the world's most common female first name and a last name that only lends itself to cheesy images of old men getting their hair cut or a red and white pole. So my blog has been named for my current place of residence. That's right - Life Elevated is the newest and greatest plan to market the state of Utah. I wonder how many tax dollars we used to come up with that?! It does apply to me though, since Park City is a town in the mountains. And I hope it will help remind me to keep my spirits elevated and remember to post good stuff about our life here and not just whine a lot about snow and cold.

OK, one picture depicting the snow and cold:

That's the back of our house. All the open space is the community park, or the Barber's private backyard that we let other kids play in. We've thought about posting a sign-up sheet for the gazebo, but a really classy one, written in pencil on some lined school paper. So far no one has ever been using it when we wanted to!

The picture is from last March, but the snow looks pretty much the same as today. We had quite the storm yesterday, with more on the way tonight. We'd be loving the powder at the ski resort if Easton hadn't broken his arm again. Maybe I'll blog about that when I stop feeling so sorry for myself and the way I'm trapped inside with Easton.

Well, that's the end of my first endeavor. Feel free to comment on the content and/or grammatical errors.


His Majesty, Sir Geoffrey of Spanish Fork said...

events have conspired against me, for more info see then you will begin to understand why I left no suicide note!

His Majesty, Sir Geoffrey of Spanish Fork said...

correction: where is my cave!

pepper said...

Glad that you have joined the throngs. Check us out at

Rainy southern California doesn't seem so bad after your pictures. Although it does look beautiful.

Jennifer said...

Sir Geoffrey,
I just want you to know that after you spent 2 hours signing up and creating your own blog for the sole purpose of posting a comment here, I changed the settings. Now anyone can comment, even without an account. Glad to see you're attempting to join the 21st century though ...

Burke said...

I wish my life was exciting enough to blog about. Glad to see you and your husband speaking again.... even if it is through cyberspace!! :)

GeoWulf said...

The cold snow only LOOKS beautiful.. but no one really actually wants to LIVE in it for more than a week. ;-)

You could always make your home a flop house for ski bums.. that would get you LOTS of company!

Gibbsman said...

hahaha, Great posts. I can't wait to see the banter coming from both sides of this fence :)


Jennifer said...

It's nice to see you are all jealous of the winter wonderland I call home. I think my house is already a flop house for ski bums if you want to count my husband and children and their friends!

Do you have a blog Tory? Although this may have started as an exercise of marital therapy, I'm having fun catching up with all of you!

Robyn said...

This is one of the happiest days of my life. I type even faster than I talk (believe it or not) so blogging is a great way to stay in touch. I see Geoffrey is already trying to compete in the blogging world. Maybe I'll check his out one of these days....I also didn't know Pepper had a blog. Yeah!

I can't believe little Easton broke his arm again. Pour some milk in his arm. I'm sure Trent will be doing that someday...after he graduates from sleeping with spoons.

That picture looks gorgeous. I don't feel sorry for you at all. Sunny weather gets old after awhile. I want to cuddle up next to a fire and watch the snow fall and go shopping at the outlet malls in Park City. What a life! If Trent were older and more manageable, I would fly up there right now, pay Sarah to babysit, and go skiing with you. I am so excited you started a blog! I am also impressed that you already figured out how to do links and stuff. I am a slow learner.