Thursday, March 1, 2007

Summon Your Eagle Powers

I thought I would continue on the elevated theme and move onto Eagle Powers. This fall, I had this great idea that we should have a family motto. I envisioned something spiritual and inspiring, something that, when my children are speaking at General Conference someday (is that wrong to think about?), they will talk about - you know, the family motto that got them through the hard times.

I love the grand ideas I get. I spent hours searching for ideas. Here are some of the family mottos I loved and wanted to use:

*The Gospel is True and We Love You
*Be Where You are Supposed to Be, When You are Supposed to Be There, Doing What You are Supposed to Be Doing
*Get Ready to Serve

Feel free to use any of these for yourselves. I thought that my
partner in parenting should have some input into the process. I approached him, explained I wanted us to choose a family motto during family home evening that week, and I thought we should be on the same page before we talked to the kids. BIG MISTAKE. First, Sir Geoffrey thought the whole idea was lame and didn't want to talk about it. Second, when I tried to push the issue, I got what I deserved - a statement of non-cooperation. He said "Whatever Easton says first is what it is going to be".

I spent a few days trying to plant seeds in the children's minds to steer them in my direction, but when the big evening arrived and we told the kids what we were doing, Easton jumped up from his spot on the floor and shouted "Summon Your Eagle Powers!" Geoffrey said "Done!" This was followed by exactly 48 minutes of our 3 children quoting their new favorite movie:
Nacho Libre. Not just quoting, but also acting out scenes, specifically, the scene where Jack Black leans against a wall, says "These are my recreation clothes" and clenches his butt muscles. Easton is an expert at this. He has even figured out that since he has no butt whatsoever, he has to pull the top of his pants WAY up and give himself a wedgie before you can see what he is doing.

So 48 minutes into
Family Home Evening, all we had accomplished was laughing until our sides hurt and a family motto that came from Jack Black. Wow, my ability to bring the Spirit into our home amazes even me.

This is not what Easton was wearing for Family Home Evening, but it IS Easton, and it does give you an idea of what I am up against in my house:

I did attempt to redeem the motto quest by giving everyone a week to come up with a spiritual reason why this should be our family motto. The kids did a pretty good job of finding scriptures and analogies to support this as a good idea. They may never remember them, but they do often quote our family motto and laugh. So I guess someday they will remember we laughed a lot.

Now you know our Family Motto. And now you know why my children will never be asked to speak at General Conference.


GeoWulf said...

HAHAHA! Nice... It is certainly a better motto than some of the other JACK BLACK movie quotes I have heard in the past.

Of course one of my favorites (and one your husband may keep as his own motto) is here .

Hope the motto/spiritual reasons challenge works out for you. ;-)

Robyn said...

Oh my gosh, my nephews are OBSESSED with that movie. That picture is hilarious. I saw it on smugmug. I couldn't stop laughing. I bet your boys are all grown up now! I like that motto. You know you'll go with it and make it into something spiritual for your family to remember. I checked out Geoffrey's blog. Ha ha ha. Ha. Ha. ha. ha.

Jennifer said...

geowulf - That quote is perfect for geoffrey! I'm not sure if I'm scared because maybe he hasn't grown up much since his mission since you could still pick that out for him, or if I'm scared because maybe boys never grow up and Sara and I are outnumbered here!

Robyn - I loved your comments over on Geoffrey's blog - you make me laugh!

GeoWulf said...

I see you figured out how I know sir Geoff.


(my prayers are with you)