Saturday, March 10, 2007

California Here I Come ...

...Right back where I started from! Really! It will be a short trip, but that's OK, I'm still SUPER excited! Sorry Talon, Geoffrey is not coming, but at least he's FINALLY letting me out of the house. Maybe he thinks a year in Park City has been long enough that he doesn't have to worry about me claiming asylum and trying to stay in the Golden State. (We'll find out, won't we?)

The Mission Viejo Stake is doing a musical. No kidding, that really is a link to their website - that stake knows how to overachieve (I love it!). I can't imagine missing the chance to see Stephanie tap dance - I know she's having so much fun learning her parts! And I can't wait to stay up all night talking to her!

I think Sara is going to the LDS Prom also. Hopefully she'll find a date and not be the sad lonely girl all by herself.

I also need to give Kai some hugs. I think those 3 things will pretty much fill the 2 days I have to spend there, but that's OK!

See you soon!


Steph said...

WOOO HOOO!!! We are so excited.... can't wait to see everyone. Talon is very sad that Geoff is not peeling himself away for this long vacation. But work is important, we understand.

SERIOUSLY - the tap dancing is hardly worth coming for... now the prom mom with the yellow dress and big bootie - now that's worth coming for!!!! Can't wait!

You made my day, week, month :o)

Anonymous said...

What about me, Jennifer? Gee, I feel left out....Kimberly

Jennifer said...

I'm so excited to see you too! I saw some photos of you on the fine Good Times website - looked like fun! I'm so glad you're doing the show! Wish I was there to be practicing with all of you!

Stacey said...

Wow! That musical looks awesome. I grew up in Chatsworth, CA and we did Brigadoon one year, soooo fun!!! We also did awesome Roadshows, great memories!!
Have fun in California!