Thursday, March 8, 2007

It's A Good Thing

I thought I would celebrate what is great about small time Park City life today. I could fill several posts with past events (like the 4th of July when all the stores on Main Street are closed and the WHOLE town shows up for a parade and you see all your neighbors), or talk about knowing someone everywhere you go (did you know we only have 4 elementary schools, 1 Middle School, 1 Jr. High, and 1 High School?) but I'm too lazy to look for pictures of that stuff, so here's what is good about today:

Good Thing #1:
The LOST and FOUND. There is one local radio station, KPCW, and once an hour, they read a list of lost and found items. It cracks me up. A lot of dogs, cameras, and phones. Sometimes, the owner calls it like it is and the listing reads: STOLEN, skis and poles ... I just find the whole exercise of listening to people's lost and founds items entertaining. They read their phone numbers on the air too!

Good Thing #2:
The MILKMAN. Every Thursday, he brings me yummy milk with no hormones.

He puts my stuff in this fancy cooler:

I can also order farm fresh eggs, dairy products, organic produce, and other items. So far, we LOVE the bacon and the salsa. The closest Costco is in Salt Lake (only 30 minutes away), but this sure cuts down on the number of Costco trips I need.

Good Thing #3:
Cool Stuff like the JR. Olympics. Yesterday, we went and watched our darling neighbor boys, 2 of whom had made it to the JR. Olympics.
This is Andrew:

You can see lots of pictures of them here. We're so lucky to live this close to fun things like this! Of course, now my boys want to cross country ski too. I'd love to buy more ski equipment honey, of course!

So to sum up what's great about Park City today - small town feel, plenty of big city dining, shopping, and entertainment! Hope that made you want to visit us soon!


Robyn said...

Okay, how much does it cost for your milk? Am I doomed for drinking milk with hormones? All my friends talk have been talking about it lately, but I just can't afford to buy organic milk. It's $6 bucks a gallon! You live in a wonderful place. I'm so happy for you!

Jennifer said...

The milk is more expensive then Costco regular milk, but cheaper than Costco organic milk. It's around $5 a gallon, but I save a fortune not going to Costco everytime I need milk!

I'm starting to get paranoid about hormones and unnatural stuff in food. It can't be good to fill our bodies with all that garbage. My in-laws are eating no sugar, only Splenda. It freaks me out that the main ingredient in everything they eat is chemically made!

So I'm being a lot more careful about what we eat. Who knows if it even matters or not, I just feel better about it.

Robyn said...

So are you saying it's good to eat Splenda or bad? I was confused.

I don't drink soda anymore, but when I get sick of water, I drink Crystal Light. Is that bad?

I am very nervous about the milk thing but I can't bring myself to spend that much yet. I feel guilty because Trent drinks a lot of milk so I probably should be getting him hormone free milk.

Jennifer said...

I'm not going to claim to be an expert or anything, I just feel like all the fake stuff like Splenda can't be great. And what is the sweetener in Diet Coke? I'll bet is awful! Not to mention all the other chemicals in there. I'm trying to drink less of it. Maybe I'm just getting goofy in my old age. My kids have been drinking regular milk from the store for years and the're mostly normal. So don't stress about Trent. He looks pretty healthy to me.

I'm trying not to stress about the food too much, just make changes when it is easy and not too much more $$$.

Steph said...

You two wackos... talking about milk and Splenda... much too much time!!!

I on the other hand, just read and snoop on other people's conversations. How is that for wackos??!

GeoWulf said...

I'm surprised your husband hasn't made any attacks/innuendos/references on your mention of the good thing #2: MILKMAN.

Is Geoff slackin?!