Saturday, March 31, 2007

Play Power

I'm supposed to be packing for our big spring vaca trip to Lake Powell, but that seems overwhelming, so I'm taking a break and posting instead. We've had a busy few days around here.

First, Nixon had the lead in his school play. Here he is as Finn O'Grady, a poor Irish boy who wants to win the hand of a fair lass in marriage, but must first learn to tell a tale. He doesn't know how to tell stories, but 3 leprechauns appear to teach him how. They teach him by telling 3 painfully long stories of their own, each one longer than the one before. At last, Finn gets to tell this girl's mom his own tale. It is about a sheep. He talks another boy into being the sheep. He walks around him, pulls on his "tail" (handkerchief) and the tail pulls off of the sheep.

Now imagine that you have already endured 1 1/2 hours of 4th and 5th graders acting in one of the dumbest things ever written. It's here! The big climax, the moment that will make all of the practices and costumes and work worth it. Here it is, the big punchline of the show: Imagine ...the tail comes off ...

Finn: "The End."
Mother Flatherty: "That's it? That's the longest story you could come up with?"
Finn: "Well, Mother Flatherty, the tale would have been longer, but it broke off!"


Nixon naturally, was darling. For more pictures, see this.

Friday was the first day of spring break. My laurels, Nixon and Easton, and I went to volunteer at a bowling tournament for Special Olympics. It was super fun! We had a great time, even after this dis concerning start to the day:

Volunteer Coordinator (to a group of 5 adults who walked in after us): "Are you here to volunteer or are you athletes?" They were there to volunteer.

Anyway, the games in the morning were children - Easton of course, made 5 new best friends, here is one of them:
I suppose I need to get busy on the packing thing. Have a great day!


Robyn said...

When are you going to Lake Powell? No fair! I better not see you on MTV Spring Break! I'll look for Geoffrey though. Have fun!

Burke said...

You forgot to mention that Geoff was in the group of 5 adults. You can't blame the lady for asking with that floppy ear he has.