Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Supermarket Sweep

When you hear the beep, think of all the fun you'd have on Supermarket Sweep!

When Tim lived with us, he and I LOVED to watch Supermarket Sweep. We never missed it and I don't know why we never tried to get on it, we would have rocked! We were always yelling at the TV, "don't get that, you're wasting your time!" So last night, I had my own little supermarket sweep:

24 boxes of cereal for $16.00!!

When we lived in California, my in-laws were always trying to say how much cheaper the cost of living was in Utah. That's turned out to be mostly false, (you pay way more for some things here, but I'll save a rant about pedicures for another post), but CEREAL goes on sale cheap all the time. So I'm filling my car to take to a great lady who I know feeds the priests in her ward cereal every Sunday night!

The best part of the supermarket trip was that there was only one check stand open, and the lady rung it up wrong to start with. So the manager had to come over and void it all out so she can start over. Then the manager had to come unlock her drawer because the checker had already put my coupons in the drawer, and all the while, the line of people completely ANNOYED with me is growing longer and longer. I don't care - all that cereal for $16.00 - TOTALLY WORTH IT!


Robyn said...

Nice. But I don't know how you did that because you don't have Ralphs up there and I believe they are the only store that doubles their coupons, so I have no idea how you bought all those for 16. That comes to .66 a box. Impossible. What is your secret? That is nice of you to donate. I don't use my cereal coupons anymore because they only work on sugar cereal! Lame! I go to Wal-Mart to buy cereal. Wheaties are $3 less than the grocery store at Wal-Mart.

Jennifer said...

Robyn - they were on sale - 8 for $8.00, plus I had coupons (you're right, no one here doubles them!). It was only sugar cereal too, I may be buying organic milk and giving up soda, but it's hard to stop the sugar cereal!

Stacey said...

You go girl! With your super shopperness!!I'm with you on organic milk! Here in Colorado there are plenty of cows! I like the Kashi Cinnamon Harvest, organic cereal! It is converting John to the organic side that will never happen!!
I got 10 boxes of Life for 10 bucks in Jan on sale!! That felt good!
Jen, How do yu put your picture on the comment? You can email me if you want...I just figuresd out how to put your name where I link you on my blog, yeah!!!Fun Fun!!

Robyn said...

I believe you now. Dana said Jake came home with 8 boxes of cereal the other night. What kind of sale is this? Why doesn't it happen here? I am so jealous. Good job!

Sara said...

MOM! I have a blog. That's what you get for leaving me here all alone! But it's ok. I finished Lesson 2 in History. It only took me 2 days!! I'm starting on lesson 3. Hope you are still having fun in California. Wish I was there still!