Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Spring Un-sprung

I regretfully must retract this.

Break out the winter layers again! It is being replaced by this:
That's my backyard at 10am today.

The most redeeming thing about Park City snow in March (besides the fact that I have a great excuse to ski tomorrow) is that it is apparently magic snow. See how it collects everywhere but the roads, driveways, and sidewalks? Hopefully that statement is not tomorrow's retraction. Has it really only been a week since I was here?:

I was lucky, lucky, lucky to get to attend the General YW Leaders Open House in Salt Lake yesterday. (It's a training day for young women leaders). It got me thinking about how my wardrobe lacks a pastel color suit. Just kidding! It was inspiring. Now that the church posts basically everything ever said at these meetings on line, the only notes I really take are of things that come to me that I need to be doing ...of course, I have lots to be doing differently. When I go to stuff like this or conference, I try to review the MANY things I have written down and come up with 3 things I'm really going to focus on. Here are my 3 from yesterday's training:

1. I need to PAVE the way for the Spirit to be in my home. My time in Primary helped me understand my responsibilities to teach the gospel in my home. My time in Young Women's is doing the same for my understanding of my role in setting the tone and atmosphere in our home. Anyway, I've got lots of improving to do here.

2. Sister Dalton and Beck had scriptures marked by categories that YW might need to hear - identity, standards, leadership, the Holy Ghost. The scriptures were all listed in the back together, but also color-coded with post-it flags. So you need a scripture to help a YW understand who she is, you can just open to any of the little red flags. I LOVE it! I'm going to work personally on it and also I think we'll do some marking together with the girls and their own scriptures at Girl's Camp.

3. Prayer is our most powerful tool. We are good about family prayer and study, and personal prayers at night are pretty easy for me to remember, but I'm super bad about starting my day and forgetting to kneel by myself and pray, and let's face it - isn't the beginning of the day when we need it most? So I'm going to work on that. I've been thinking about doing prayer sticks in YW where every week a girl's name gets pulled and the girl giving the opening prayer prays for the name on the stick. They talked about the power of girls praying for each other, and so I'm making sticks today.

That's a lot of rambling. If you're still with me, thanks. Thanks to all you commenter's also - it really is fun to read your comments!


Stacey said...

Going to the meeting in SLC was a neat opportunity! Good ideas! It reminds me, in Lancaster, a year ago May, we had a Stake Womans Reteat in the Angeles Crest Mountains (so fun, like girls camp for Moms!!!). Our main speaker was Ardeth G. Kapp. She was so good!! There was just a special spirit about her! We got to go to the Redlands Temple with her. Neat experience!!!

Stacey said...

Oh yeah, it is supposed to snow here on Friday, it must be coming here next!! Our grass just turned green!!!!!! My kids grew out of their snow clothes already!!! Just kidding- but really it was so springy and warm...

Robyn said...

You are so lucky that you get to live so close to our leaders and hear their words! I love snow. And apparently there is a water shortage here so enjoy the snow!

Jennifer said...

Stacey - I'm so ready to push snow clothes to the back of the closet! Robyn - you only love snow because you don't live in it! I actually think it's beautiful, I'm just missing Mr. Sun, Sun, Mr. Golden Sun.