Monday, March 5, 2007

R.I.P. Dear Friend

A moment of silence please for our old friend. He lived a long life, he served us well, but his time was up:

Many of you have questioned where I find the time to invest into something like a blog, especially at the same time I'm working on getting all of our old pictures onto our Smugmug site. Well, here is the answer:

Our TV has died.

It happened one sad evening in January. One minute we're laughing at Michael Scott, the next we're staring a blank screen. Fortunately, everyone in my family remembers that a few years ago it was ME who decided that our family should be a ONE TV house. I stick to my decision, even during this trial. Having one TV make us spend more time together and teaches us compromise and problem solving skills.

It's pretty quiet around here - we've gone many times without cable, but you could still play Playstation or watch movies. We have learned that a lot of our board games involve DVD's. I've also learned a lot of the TV shows I watch can be watched on line now. You just have to put up with commercials, which a hard adjustment after TIVO has spoiled you. Maybe we're bonding more as a family or something. I just know that baseball season is fast approaching, and I don't think Geoffrey will survive much longer without breaking down and buying us a new TV.

So that little red TIVO light does taunt me every night, recording and saving?! my favorites. Here's what I've been missing:

We never miss: 24, The Office

We try to always watch: Survivor, My Name is Earl, The Amazing Race, Lost, Grey's Anatomy

When we can, we like to see: Best Week Ever, American Idol,

Seriously, I'm enjoying having one less distraction in my life. Of course, I've replaced it with this blog, but that's just bringing me closer to my friends, right?


Robyn said...

Please get a new t.v.! I mean, it's really good that you don't have one since your kids are older and they probably don't need to be watching it so much. But the only thing you are really missing is 24 (which is starting to feel like all the other seasons) and Prison Break, but I told Geoffrey on his blog that you need to borrow it or rent it from someone right now! It's so good.

And my sister watches shows on the internet and says you can fast forward through commercials.

Don't listen to me. No t.v. is good. It really is. And it gives you more time to blog. I like that I can see you in the t.v. mirror.

Maple Tree said...
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Jennifer said...

I wondered if anyone would notice me curled up on the couch in that picture! We'll call it a self potrait of sorts.

Let me know where your blog is Stacey, I know you have great stories to tell with your cute kids!

Steph said...

I really need to check with my 4 TV family that lives there - surely they can spare a tv... Hey how come it is only you and Sara on your little pic. Is that your favorite pic of yourself or what? You two look pretty cute, I must say!! I am afraid to try Prison Break - could be hooked on some other fine TV show.

Miss you!

Jennifer said...

Would you believe I could only find 3 pictures of me from the last year? This was the best. The other 2 were gross, but if you look around our smugmug site long enough, you can probably find them.

I'm scared to try PB too, because I don't have a TV, the last thing I need is another show to miss!

burke said...

I have 6 T.V.'s and I am only using 3 of them. I told Geoff he is welcome to any one of them. Not the best thing in the world, but at least it is something. I think the only reason Geoff has not taken me up on the offer is because he is waiting for you to break so he can come home with a 60" LCD!!
You really should consider a T.V. for your bedroom. Jamie gets lots more sleep, and I get rejected less. It is a win/win for both of us!