Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Spring is Springing?!

I can't say it has sprung, because that'll probably get me nothing but 3 feet of snow next week, but boy is it warm today! We moved here this week last year. Our yard had snow up to the top of our deck until the middle of April. Today, you can see patches of grass. (By grass, I mean gross brown matted down junk)

There was no school on Monday, and after I picked Nixon and his buddies up from the ski resort, the neighborhood boys were out in full force - on bikes and playing basketball and all wearing shorts!

This is also the first day since Fall that I have not worn these:
Really. I wear a pair (not the same one!) under jeans, skirts, dresses (I just wear black tights and high boots). I think the best part about spring is I will instantly appear to have lost 5 pounds to everyone who has seen me with this extra layer all winter!

For you lightweights in California, when I say it is super warm, I mean it is in the 60's here. I even broke out the capris, short sleeve shirt, and Rainbows today. I didn't even know my skin could get this white. Yikes!

I'm going to stop typing and get outside and enjoy the warm while I can, possibly blinding the neighbors with my white arms and legs. Hope the weather is great where you are!

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