Thursday, March 29, 2007

Let's Raise Our Glasses ...

of Sprite in a toast to Rio. No, not that one that dances on the sand, oh Rio Rio, across the dusty land.

My tribute this evening is not to the 1st boy band of my childhood, but to my gotta have it once a week, can't believe how good this is, favorite place to eat. I speak, of course, of Cafe Rio.

I'm all about the steak taco, but I've never tried anything I don't like. The salads are yummy, the burritos are filling (and 2 meals at least!), my kids LOVE the quesa-dillas even though they are too old to get them free.

I wish we had one in Park City, but Salt Lake is only 20 minutes away, so I won't complain. There are 2 locations programmed in my cell phone so that I can call my order in when I'm in a hurry.

Feel free to toast your similar obsessions, whether they be for Cafe Rio, or a similar, although surely inferior place!

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Robyn said...

You drive up the canyon to Cafe Rio? Well, I guess I would too because it's the BEST!!!!!!!!!! I get upset thinking about why there isn't one here. I mean, we have 10,000 other Mexican restaurants but NOTHING like it where they make it in front of you with that yummy green, spicy dressing or tortilla strips on top of your salad! Ooh! I want it right now!