Saturday, October 27, 2007

Sweet Deals!

The wonderful, amazing, full-of-great-stuff scrapbook store here in Park City, is - sadly-going out of business. RIP Gone Scrappin'.

Sad for those of us used to waiting until the last minute to do big projects, not having what we need, and running into the store to get just the right ribbon or paper or embellishment. Good for all the bargain hunters!

Everything in the store is 60% off! Don't think that means it is all picked over and the good stuff is gone. I am AMAZED at how much is still there - great Making Memories ribbons and trims and tons of brads and paper flowers and sooo much paper still. The store carries most brands of scrapbook supplies.

Oh, I almost forgot the best part - want to organize your scrap area? All fixtures for sale! Wire and Wood paper racks - 12x12 and 8 1/2x11 ...slat wall and all the hooks and baskets to go with it. Sooooo much stuff.

Sorry my California friends! Hurry on up my Utah friends - you can hit the outlet mall too, maybe we can have lunch!

Last day is Friday, November 2!

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Robyn said...

Whoa, good thing I'm not there. I would be so tempted. It sounds like a lot of good stuff is left. I'm sorry it is going out of business. I like the name of the store too. Did Sarah work there?