Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Rise and Shout

the Cougars are out!

Here are a few things I learned this weekend ...
*November football games are COLD!
*Drinking hot chocolate helps with the cold. If you look at Nixon and Easton, the more on your face, the better!
*Tailgating can be fun, even at BYU.
*Sitting through a cold game is totally worth it when it brings joy to my boys.
*17 is more than 10, and that makes 2 years in a row Utah - ha!

I thought we should let the boys rush the field after, but Geoffrey's dad was security right on our side of the field. Apparently, he's threatened his kids since birth about the evils of field-rushing. Maybe next time - doesn't it look fun, though?


Robyn said...

Oh, you have the cutest boys and the cutest pictures of them! Looks like a fun game! I am kind of in blogging withdrawals but I have to stick to my guns since I decided to announce that I'm done to the whole world. I guess I should've just not said anything and just blogged every once in awhile. The problem is that I check my blog, and then I check everyone on the list and 2 hours later, burning eyes, and sore wrists from typing, and I have to go straight to bed! I'm still going to check a few of my favorite blogs though, including yours!!!

Stacey said...

The above comment is so me...I blog not even weekly because it is overwhelming...fun to check everyone out, but I also get stuck in the blog world for a couple hours and feel guilty...

I loved the comment about the evils of rushing the field...I will rush with you!!!