Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Welcome to Summer

Our first full week of summer is behind us! Let's take a trip down memory lane of summers past ...
June 28, 2003
School has been out for one week. Easton breaks his collarbone running and Superman leaping from our front sidewalk to roll down the hill. (sorry, no pictures!)

July 5, 2004

At least we got 2 weeks of summer in. Nixon and Easton are leaping down the stairs in our house trying to touch the ceiling. Nixon can't fight his impulses anymore than his father on most days and reaches out and grabs Easton's ankle mid air. Result: Broken arm

June 26, 2005
THREE days after school gets out! Easton attempts to Tarazan swing out of a tree after church and it doesn't work out like he planned. Our worst break by far ...painful, requires "reducing" in the emergency room, only to slip so that our poor baby needs to have surgery to re break the arm and pin it. Pretty much the whole summer in a cast!

In 2006, we moved to a new way to torture mom. After all, it was our first winter in Park City, and those ski passes were begging to be used. Oh wait, Easton broke his arm the week after Thanksgiving and exactly 4 days after the resorts opened. This was accomplished by "grinding" on an icy balance beam on the playground in his tennis shoes (now against the rules at Trailside Elementary):

Just to be sure we killed the whole ski season and not to leave 2007 out, after the cast had been off for a few weeks in January, he re broke it. Here he is celebrating his cast coming off the day before we leave for Lake Powell for spring break:

Oh, did I mention Lake Powell? Well, we'd hate to leave Nixon out - the FIRST day at Lake Powell he fell off of a CLIFF and we were grateful that the only damage was a broken arm. Never mind the part where it took about 16 hours to drive to a hospital, get fixed up and get back to the Lake.

After all that, I deserved the summer of 2007 off, didn't I?

Well, boys and girls ...I'm sure you've already guessed the only place such a post could be headed - not fun notes about:

No ...
Welcome to Summer 2008! (Nixon, Easton, and Noah getting ready to bust through the Welcome to Summer sign on the last day of school):
June 16, 2008 - 10 days after school gets out:
Easton. Thumb. Baseball.

Looking forward to Summer 2009, where we can try, try again!

(PS We have been assured by medical professionals that this child does not have weak or brittle bones. "You SHOULD break a bone when you do this stuff.")


Jen said...

ouch! We have a great story at our house too. I'll post it in a few days. I do have a family blog, but I need your email address to send you an invite. Send it to jenniferfairbanks@netzero.net. Hope you're having fun anyway!

Fuhriman Family said...

I like you template! I can't beleive he broke something AGAIN. Lock that buy up next year for the first three weeks to see if you can break the curse!

Fuhriman Family said...

I like YOUR template! I am from Spanish Fark ya know!

lm said...

Poor Easton! At this rate he may never know what a normal summer free of a cast is like! I hope it heals really fast so he can enjoy as much of the summer as possible, and I know I promised new pictures but it seems that my husband has misplaced the cord that connects the camera to the computer, so I have to try and find it! Soon I promise we have done some really fun things so far this summer!

Heidi Green said...

Oh man, what luck! I told Matt about the breaks and the first thing he said was, "does he have weak bones?" I totally laughed and assured him you'd covered that concern in your post - how do you NOT break bones when you're a "dare devil!" At least it should be healed in time for hockey season - right?! :-)

Also, your pictures of Bryce Canyon look fun!

lm said...

Finally some new pictures are up!