Wednesday, October 8, 2008

When You Name Your Child ...

...Nixon, have you been secretly planning his first student council campaign since birth?
You'll have to ask Geoffrey! You're Welcome parents of Park City Middle Schooler's for educating your children about a great American president. Because not a single one of your kids understood these campaign posters and Nixon has had to explain it over and over:

Geoffrey also wanted to take a picture of Nixon with a dog and have a "Checkers is Not a Bribe" poster. Even Nixon thought that was too much. Unfortunately, the school has a policy against any kind of button, or shirt, or handout. Too bad, because we wanted to make some of these:

or maybe:

Tuesday is the day for the big speech and election. Nixon is deciding between two different speech styles. Poor kid - our sense of humor in this house is so warped! Do you think he should try a Michael - carry the music in and throw out cliche's, or a Dwight - pound his fists and yell a lot? (this clip of Michael misses the best part - the beginning where he carries in the CD player)


Mama F said...

I would have to vote Dwight. He really got the crowd into it. Tell Nixon good luck. I never aspired to be in student council. I think you needed more school spirit then I had. Maybe it's easier to have school spirit when you are not a DON!

Robyn said...

I think he should go with the Dwight. It would be more memorable for the kids. LOVE the buttons and the Nixon campaign. Hope he wins. He is one cool kid.

pepper said...

I would vote for him! He's way cute!

lm said...

I tagged you, and yes I put a new post on my blog ;)