Friday, March 4, 2011

Friday Flashbacks - Baptism Edition

In honor of the 17th Anniversary of my own:
Elder Hughes, me, Elder Barber - 3/5/94 - Waterloo, Iowa
One of the best decisions I've ever made
Sara's big day - 12/6/1997 - Quartz Hill, California
Me, Easton in the belly, Nixon, Geoffrey, Sara
Sara said the best part was the warm feeling in her heart
(I especially love the gold metal divider background - nice!)
Nixon's turn - 9/4/2004 - Mission Viejo, California
Nixon and Geoffrey
He was so serious about the whole event, he wanted to be ready!
Easton's big day - 2/4/2006 - Mission Viejo, California
Easton and Geoffrey
I love that you can see how special the day was to him in his face - he was an angel all day!
Not entirely sure if this is Geoffrey's baptism or not, but probably pretty close to Feb. 1982 -
Rachel, Kara, Tami, Krista, and Geoffrey Barber
Just in case - here's one from Geoffrey's 8th Birthday:


Gray Family said...

Man Geoffrey looks way too young to be baptizing you in that first picture!

Lori said...

Love all the pictures Jennifer! I check you blog too, so I am glad that you started posting again. The other day I saw the red hat book that you did the card designs for and I bought it just so I could say "I know the designer for this book". :)