Friday, March 25, 2011

Friday Flashbacks - Just Say No (to Overalls!) Edition

This week Sara informed me that she had seen overalls in several stores and they were making a comeback.  I feel it is my duty to perform the public service of reminding you all that overalls are NEVER a good idea. Not even if they are $288.00 True Religion overalls. They do not hide your extra pounds, they just make you look MUCH larger than you really are.  If you are tempted, even slightly to purchase a pair, think of this post and just say NO.  Thank me later. 

The proof is in the pictures.  Sadly, there is noooo shortage of possible pictures I could use for this post.
Greg Barber and Nixon - November 1996
OK, Sometimes they are cute on babies.
Jennifer and Easton - August 1999
They are never cute on women - especially if they are shorts!
Sara and Jennifer - November 2000
Double negative X 2 - Overalls with sweaters and sweatshirts over the top - yikes!
Sara and Geoffrey - July 1995
Never appropriate for rock climbing (or any other sports)
Jennifer, Geoffrey, Easton, Nixon and Sara - 1999
If none of the other pictures scared you off of overalls, this one should do the trick!


Gray Family said...

I just wet my pants laughing soooo hard! I have pictures (and overalls) that match each and everyone of yours - well maybe not the family picutre one. I even have maternity overalls!! YIKES!!! Let's hope that Sara didn't really see what she said she saw and if so, I'm all good with not following this particular fashion trend. But I will add that your family is too cute - overalls and all.

Heidi Green said...

Oh my, I got a kick out of reading this post and then when I hit the final picture I totally laughed out loud. I love it!

I had my share of overalls back in the day too... why did we ever think they were flattering? Although I have to admit I still think they're adorable on babies and toddlers.

Fun post. Thanks.