Thursday, May 24, 2007

Bounty Hunter vs. Marine

This is the difference between playing Bounty Hunters at recess or playing Marines.
Details provided by Easton:

*A bounty hunter works alone.
(Nixon chimes in here. Apparently, he also has knowledge of this recess game. "A bounty hunter is hired to kill people. That makes him a paid assassin").
*Bounty hunters have jet packs.
*Bounty hunters have guns. So do Marines, but not laser guns.
*Bounty hunters have armor, wrist launchers, grenades.
*Marines have grenades too, but they throw them on the ocean. Because they're mostly on water.
*A bounty hunter has a helmet.
*Marines have rocket launchers, ships. They go on land to help out the army. They help out the navy a lot.

Someday you may be lucky enough to have boys that learn these kind of things on the playground too. Until then, I didn't want you to be out of the loop and not know the difference between the two. We are camping with 2 other families and a couple this weekend at Zions. The husband half of the couple is a Marine (he's in law school and is reserve and will be JAG when he graduates), so I can't wait to find out if we adjust our description next week! This is not a picture of Easton at recess, I just like his goofy smile in it.


Robyn said...

Oh my gosh, I thought it WAS a picture of him at recess. They probably do these kinds of fun things at recess up there. He is so cute. I think he going to be a great skiier.

Stacey said...

Isn't it disturbing, the games they come up with?? I was freaked out when Spencer taught my sweet little Chandler all these things, but I guess it a rite of brotherly passage!!! When they play with their Star Wars guys all I hear is kill this and dead that. John took Spencer to Spider Man 3, I didn't really want him to see it. At least he didn't take Chandler!!
I will never understand boys!

Jennifer said...

They don't ski at recess, but they DO make the kids go outside unless it is below 0 degrees, or a blizzard.

School gets out every Friday at 12:30 and there is a ski program you can sign up for that takes you skiing on Fridays. It cost a couple hundred bucks and it a lot of time on the bus and waiting for everyone to be ready, so we skipped it.

I think he'll be a good little skier too - he and Nixon are always looking for stuff to jump off of and trying to go faster!

nic said...

i had a dream where i played that game. it was weird.