Thursday, May 17, 2007

Swim Lessons at School - really!

Yes, the school here really does teach swimming. Every year, for 2 weeks, to the 3rd graders. It cracks me up. Having had pools at our home since the boys were little, I think they learned how to swim not long after they learned how to walk. But not very many people (I don't know of anyone!) in Park City have pools in their yards. I suppose it isn't practical, what with the 8 months of winter and all. So there might be quite a few 3rd graders who don't know how to swim.

Maybe Easton is one of them. On the first day of class, he got sent to the lowest group - in the baby pool! At first, I was going to go in and let them know he really did know how to swim. But he didn't care, in fact, I think he was enjoying the fact that he didn't have to do any real work. So I stayed out of it. And Easton loved riding the bus to the middle school and swimming every day. So all is well. The last day, the kids just get to play, and Easton got to display some of his flipping/twisting/spinning moves off the diving board. Here is Easton and his friend Noah playing with the water basketball hoop. I'm sure when these two team up, they can give any teacher a run for their money.


Robyn said...

You live in the coolest place. Swimming lessons at school? Is it free? That is awesome, although hopefully a 7 year old would know how to swim already! I can't believe he got stuck in the baby pool. It looks like he made the best of it from the looks of the picture.

I love your family picture. You are so pretty and your kids are so good looking thanks to you and Geoffrey's good genes!

Jennifer said...

Totally free! They do it during school. The kids take their suits and towels, ride the bus over to the pool, change, change back to school clothes, go back to school, finish the day. No parental effort required, except reminding them to dry out the suit and towel every night at home!