Tuesday, April 24, 2007

4 days= 10 Ladies Scrappin', 1001 Sheets of Paper, 9 Hours Total Sleep, 2 Baptisms, Countless Happy Memories

Well, I've finally put away enough of the *stuff* I packed on my scrapbook weekend to not feel too guilty for sitting at the computer! Can I just say, I wasn't too sure that I was going to have very much fun bunkered down in a windowless room at the Best Western for 4 days with 9 other ladies and a bunch of scrapbooking supplies. Was I ever wrong! It was the BEST! The awesome part is all due to the 9 other ladies - I got to know them all better and had soooo much fun! I got the least amount of scrapping done, but I also was the one to take advantage of every "Let's go get something to eat" offer!

Um...this photo? We realized LATE Friday night that 2 of the ladies were leaving early Saturday morning and we hadn't taken a group shot yet. So we called the security guard and asked him to come to the scrapbooking room. When he got there, we asked him to take a picture for us. Is that wrong?

The photo journaling was cut a few hours short for the best reason: The baptism of our neighbors, Keith and Elizabeth!

They have been taking discussions for quite a while at our house, and it was heartwarming to see this day finally come! 6 of the 7 Elders who have taught them were able to come (Elder Faux is already home), so it was awesome to see all of them too! Geoffrey is an inspired missionary, he always has been, and I know it was so special to him that Elizabeth asked him to do her baptism. It would be hard to put into words how thrilled we were, so I'll leave it at that.

So I'm recovering from my lack of sleep, trying to clean up the house, and pay attention to my sweet husband and children. Easton informed me tonight that this was "one of the worst days ever" and it wasn't "all Mom's fault, but mostly"". That's great. We've also fallen off the family scripture bandwagon, we just haven't gotten it together to read EVERY morning since we went to Powell. Good thing I've had a fantastic weekend to charge my batteries! Tomorrow is a NEW day, and I'm hoping to be a little better as a mom!


Stacey said...

Hey there!! How fun!! I have a friend in the ward that invited me over last week to scrap and we mostly talked, that was the best part. I never can leave my house and accomplish anything!!
Do you still use CTMH? I use what I have...and love all the new Basic Grey and DCWV and K and Co and Daisy D's and....
Neat about the baptisms!!! You guys are awesome!!!

Robyn said...

Your family have always been such good missionaries. That's so cool about your neighbors. What a blessing for them and your family.

I would never get any scrapbooking done with all those people. I'd just sit and talk. It looks like fun, but that water bottle in the picture is huge. Whoever drank from that probably had to go to the bathroom 40 times an hour and got very little scrapbooking done!