Monday, April 9, 2007

Crash & Burn

Thanks to one of the darling boys we went to Powell with, we have this to forever remember Sara's skill and grace on a wakeboard. (He made us a DVD of the whole trip, it is great, but this is by FAR the funniest part!) Thanks Nic!


nic said...

no problem, im glad you guys liked it, i also feel kinda bad because i couldnt find very many pictures of the robinsons, i hope they like it,

i am also very fond of sara's "section" of the DVD

Anonymous said...

What a good sport you are Sara!
It took a lot of tenacity to try, try again!!

Your mom first went to Lake Powell on a fishing trip when she was younger!

Fuhriman Family said...

The first time anyone has tried wakeboarding the drink a lot of lake water also. At least she wasn't a lump under the water like my mom trying to ski. She wouldn't let go of the rope!

Steph said...

And at least she was out there... i don't see you missy friend out there!! All I have to say is WAY TO GO SARA.... I would hate for anyone to have a video of me trying that! (A little bruttle Nic :o) -- he must like you sara

Jennifer said...

I wouldn't have seen you in this water either - it was freezing! I guess you do have that fancy drysuit now, but your hands and feet and head still get cold! Nic's a good enough friend to know we are sometimes brutal to our own family, and it's great he joined in!