Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Flash Forward

Geoffrey and I are living in a flash forward right now - to our lives 7 years from now.  We have children - we talk to them, we talk about them, Sara stopped by for dinner for last night ...BUT we have no children at home right now.  We figure by the end of these 3 weeks we'll have a good idea of our lives as empty nesters!

Wade, Lesa, Geoffrey and Jennifer getting ready to drive

Yesterday was Geoffrey's day off of work.  We slept all the way to 8:30 or so, he went to PCHS football practice (Geoffrey does the play by play of all their games for PCTV), I watered my garden, "cleaned" the house (which it turns out is super easy to do when no one is around to mess anything up), studied my scriptures at a leisurely pace, we went with good friends to lunch, to the temple, to Red Mango (Yum!), and to the Miller Motorsports Track to ride Go-Karts, Geoffrey went to Bishopric visits while I worked on some Girl's Camp things, and then we had dinner with Sara.  What a fun day!  I'm so grateful for a husband and friends that I could enjoy all of those things with!  I can't wait to take the kids to the go-karts - that was a blast!

Life is good.  Life will keep being good even when the kids are grown.

Still missing those cute boys - you can follow their adventures at  What a great trip they are having!  You can read about some of their mishaps the first day - lost medicine, boarding pass, hat, wallet.  That was nice of them not to name names on their blog.  We knew Easton must be responsible for at least one of those things.  Try two - he managed to leave his hat on the plane and his wallet at McDonald's.  Everything was retrieved and the leaders haven't killed him yet.  It takes 4 brave men to agree to herd 36 boys around the country.  Can't wait to squeeze them, but I'm so thrilled for the fun things they are doing!

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