Saturday, July 24, 2010

Friday Flashbacks - Jellystone National Park Edition

Stephanie and Nancy McHone, me, Gretchen McHone, Karen Markin, Paul McHone, Tim and Jeremy Markin, Erich McHone - Old Faithful 1983
Larry and Margery Cozzens with their grandchildren (including Geoffrey!) - Old Faithful 1988

Kalli, Lesa, Hannah, Tanner, Jenna, Geoffrey, Easton and Nixon - Old Faithful 2010

Here are pictures of three trips that prove Yellowstone is more fun with good company!  My family often met the McHone family for camping trips - we had kids that were similar ages and we must have all gotten along really well.  I'm glad my parents had such good friends!

I'm so grateful for friends that we can travel easily with.  We have camped and hoteled and toured and driven many miles and cooked many meals and hiked with this family and it has always been great.  Our kids have so much fun together and the adults do too!  We share the same vacation philosophy - we don't stress about being over scheduled, we love to go do things, but we have fun just relaxing by a pool or playing phase 10 in a cabin too.  We are comfortable starting a day with scriptures and prayer or saying "I need a nap" or loving each other's kids like our own.  I feel so lucky to have shared so many great times with them!

We spent a long weekend in Island Park - fishing the lake, visiting Virgina City, floating and fishing the Madison, and a quick stop in Yellowstone and Jackson Hole on the way home.  It was super fun!  I'd like to camp in Yellowstone next year, although I'm not sure I want to in July.  There were enough people there to make it feel like Disneyland.  It's easy to see why Yellowstone is the crown jewel of the National Park System.  Thanks for a great trip traveling friends!

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