Friday, July 9, 2010

Friday Flashbacks - When I Was a Pioneer Edition

Sara in Wyoming during our move to Utah - June 2004

Not when I pretended to be a pioneer on Trek, but I really came across Wyoming to start a new life!  I was a newly baptized member of the church, a single mom with a darling 4 year old that my whole world revolved around.  I had quit a great job I loved directing volunteers at a Medical Center, and I had sold my house (in 7 days in a recessed market - a sure sign I was doing what the Lord wanted me to!).  I drove an 89' Honda Prelude - a stick shift that I loved to drive!  The Honda dealership in town refused to install a hitch on it, but the U-Haul store said they would put one on if I promised to only tow the smallest trailer.  So I sold my furniture, dishes, pretty much everything except our clothes and Sara's favorite toys - we loaded up that trailer, threw a tent in the back seat of the car and headed west!

I couldn't actually back the trailer up, so all along the way I only stopped places I could pull forward.  This plan was successful until we stayed at a campground in Nebraska that only had spaces you backed into.  This was the best I could do:

I don't remember every detail of the trip, but I do remember it was pretty fun until we hit a thunderstorm in Wyoming.  I remember the wind and rain and hail scaring me to death - that trailer was blowing all over and huge semis were all around.  Night came quickly  - I was clutching that steering wheel with a death grip and praying like I had never prayed before.  We finally made it to Evanston and spent our first night in a hotel.  Like the storms of our life, it didn't seem so bad the next morning!

If you're ever going to move to Utah, I suggest coming in June and driving through Provo Canyon - you will think you have just come to the most beautiful place in the world.  Eventually you will learn that's only true for a few months of the year!  Sara and I had quite the adventures during that time of our lives.  It was so easy for me to be confident I was doing the right thing and so easy for me to see the hand of the Lord in our lives when I look back, but also so easy to say "What was I thinking?  That was Crazy!".  Thank Goodness I can also say - I love my life today and I wouldn't change a thing.  I feel so blessed for a Savior that loves me, a husband that loves me and puts up with me everyday, and three awesome kids!

Sara on our drive into Utah - June 2004 in Provo Canyon

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Heidi Green said...

I've loved reading your blog this week.... really inspirational. Thanks. :)