Friday, July 16, 2010

Friday Flashbacks - Away From Home Edition

Nixon and Easton leave on Monday for the National Scout Jamboree.  They won't be home again until August 6.  This seems like a terribly long time to me.  I have seen some signs of nervousness on their parts also.  Signs like Nixon saying "I'm getting nervous".  It's hard to pack up your kids and send them out the door.  Will they remember to shower?  Brush their teeth?  Will they lose their money, their group?  Will they be lost on a Subway in New York or a street in Washington DC?

Sara's first times away from home were for EFY, Girl's Camp, BYU Ballet Camp.  I knew she would be able to keep track of her clothes and remember to shower everyday.  I wasn't worried about her losing her money or getting lost.  She is a girl and an oldest child!  I hugged her tight and missed her and counted down the days until I could pick her up.  She always came home chattering a million words a minute about what a great time she had.  She was learning things and growing in ways she couldn't have at home.

Sara enjoying her favorite part of EFY (meeting boys) - July 2004

Sara at BYU Ballet Camp - July 2005

I went away every summer from the time I was going into first grade.  Always to the same place and I'm sure I always had fun and always came back in one piece because my parents kept sending me.  When I was tiny, I loved sleeping in the TeePee's and doing crafts.  I loved the campfires and the silly songs ands skits the counselors would do.  I thought they were so cool.  As I got older, it was at camp I spent a week on horseback and another week backpacking in the mountains.  I learned things and grew in ways that I couldn't have at home.

Laura Hines, our camp counselor and I at Arrowhead Lutheran Camp - Summer 1978

I'm so excited for the adventure my boys are embarking on.  They are going to get to see and do amazing things.  They have worked so hard to be able to go on this trip - I hope it is all worth it for them.  I know they will learn things and grow in ways that just couldn't happen at home.  I'll hug them tight and miss them and count down the days until they return. 

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Cortney said...

hey, dallin id going to be at jamboree too! They'll be fine!